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Committee Meeting at 2017 Annual Conference


The Conference Committee and the Conference Program Coordinating Team will be meeting jointly at annual conference on Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at McCormick Place, W186b. The agenda for the meeting is outlined below. I have attached relevant documents.

See you at conference, 

Clara Bohrer, Conference Committee Chair


1.     Welcome, Introductions

2.     Conference Updates  (Ghikas)

a.  Annual 2017

b.  Midwinter 2018

3.     Conference Accessibility Task Force Final Report/Recommendations  (Bohrer)

4.     Annual Conference 2018 update and next steps

a.  Program submission process update  (Bohrer/Ghikas)

b.  Jury formation update  (Bohrer)

c.   Conference scheduling Issues and work update (M. Ghikas)

                    i.     Sequence—programs, discussion groups, meetings

                    ii.     Issues arising

                    iii.     Schedule        

d.   Evaluation (discussion) 

                    i.     Individual sessions (use of conference app to get feedback, what feedback?)

                    ii.     Data for individual sessions/meetings (attendance, eval feedback, what else?)

                    iii.     Overall conference

5.     Organizational Update  (Bohrer/Ghikas)

a.     Conference Committee (standing) composition and focus

b.     CPCT composition and focus

6.     Midwinter 2019 (Ghikas)

7.     Other

8.     Adjournment


Documents Attached:

  • Agenda #3

o   Conference Accessibility Guidelines

o   Task Force Recommendations (draft)

  • Agenda #4a

o   Program Submission Website Information

o   Program Submission Numbers to Date (will be available at meeting)


  • Agenda #4b

o   Conference ReModel FAQ (background info)

o   Program Proposal Review Guidelines (background info)

  • Agenda #4c

o   2018 Conference Skeleton Schedule

  • Agenda #5a & b

o   Current Conference Committee Roster

o   Current Conference Program Coordinating Team Roster

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After a check-in with ALCTS, I want to affirm that they will continue with Division All-Committee meetings as well as section level all-committees (6 meetings total). Offhand I can't remember if sections will be combined in the same room with Division All-Committee, but wanted to get that on the books.




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Correction needed in Conference Remodel FAQ.docx . On third page, the round table lists

  • LHRT/IRRT This should be LHRT/LRRT


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OK - mg

From: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2017 4:10 PM

To: Mary Ghikas

Subject: [ALA Connect] ALA Conference Committee - Committee Meeting at 2017 Annual Conference (New comment)

((( reply above

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Do you recommend that Round Tables submit their usual number of sessions? I am referring to the text below from the Conference Remodel FAQ.

  • How many programs will each group select?
    • Each jury will select up to a defined number of programs.  That number will be based on historical information about the number of programs from that group; the number will be less than the historical average, but will be exclusive of programs in “curated” streams (e.g., News You Can Use), “Orientation” sessions, or Presidents’/Chairs’ Programs.
    • The number of programs juried by the ALA jury will be based on the combined number of programs historically offered by Round Tables, ALA Committee/Offices and Affiliates.