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2017 PBA Meeting

Good Afternoon PBA Members:

For your review we have recently added information  - Invitation and Agenda - regarding the 2017 Annual Conference Planning and Budget Assembly (PBA) meeting.  You will find this information in the destination folder titled "2017 PBA Annual Conference Meeting." We look forward to your active participation and have scheduled time for group discussions during the meeting. 

See you in Chicago!


Keith Brown

Senior Financial Analyst

Clara Bohrer's picture

Will we be receiving any handouts, such as financial information, prior to the meeting?

Clara Bohrer, PLA Representative

Keith Brown (staff)'s picture

Absolutely. Should receiving docs shortly.

Keith D. Brown

Senior Financial Analyst

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I am especially interested in seeing the Treasurer's report.  I hope it will include membership data that specifies the number of members in each personal membership category and the year's dues revenue from each of those categories.  There are 14 personal membership types; see http://www.ala.org/membership/ala-personal-membership for the lists and annual dues for each.

Jim Rettig

Retired Academic Library Administrator

Happily living in Williamsburg, Virgina