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Summary of June 2 meeting

  • Thanks to everyone who could attend.
  • We approved the Makerspace proposal.  I agreed to contact Christian and Kristen.
  • Danielle will summarize our feedback and reach out to Marianne Rodriguez Dolce about the Nurturing Empathy proposal.
  • Rachel will summarize our feedback and reach out to Katie Scherrer about the Yoga proposal.  For both of these proposals, we are wondering if webinars would be better, but we will see if they can respond to our suggestions and come back with an acceptable course proposal.
  • Question for Kristen:  Is it easy to show a video within a webinar?
  • Danielle reached out to the presenter re the Plum Landing proposal and the presenter is trying to find a librarian to co-present with her.  She will follow up if she doesn't hear back from her in a few weeks.
  • We have a response for the Research to Practice Webinar series. Diane Hamilton is putting together a proposal about post modern picture books.
  • We brainstormed ideas for a webinar on Getting Involved with ALSC.  We would like to submit a survey to the membership on what they would like to know about and also have it at the ALSC booth at ALA.  Rachel will start a Google Doc and we will all add to it to get it done asap.
  • Danielle has sent a survey out to the committee members re meeting times going forward.  She wants to continue meeting the first of the month, except for July.
  • I will post the transcript on ALA Connect.