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Minutes from COD March Conference Call

Committee on Diversity
Meeting Notes: March 7, 2017

Attendees: Martin Garnar, Rebecca Kemp, Karen Quash, Gwendolyn Prellwitz, Gloria Rhodes, Ngoc-Yen Tran, Jason Broughton, Tinamarie Vella, Jose Miguel Ruiz, Loida Garcia-Febo (guest)

Recorder: Ngoc-Yen Tran


  • Introductions were made and attendance recorded
  • Guest: Candidates for ALA Office (Loida Garcia-Febo)
    Loida is running for ALA President; she presented her case to the group and answered questions

New Business

Update on the EDI Strategic Direction (Martin G.)

• A fourth strategic direction was approved at ALA Midwinter to include equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)
• Strategies drawn together by the EDI Task Force, implementation of the strategies overseen by the EDI Implementation Group, and long-term monitoring will be done by the ODLOS Advisory Committee
• Implementation timeline: 2 years
-It would be a good idea for us to collaborate with the implementation and group and with ODLOS as advisors – pointing to needs and specific initiatives or strategies
-The COD will need to explore the impact of the new strategic direction on the group, especially our charge. Our next meeting we will focus on the EDI strategic direction and explore COD’s role 

Update on subcommittee transfer (Gwendolyn P)

Background: COD had subcommittees for programs such as Spectrum and the Diversity Research Grant
Update: These subcommittees have been moved to be part of the ODLOS Advisory Committee

Diversity MIG

Facilitated Discussion at Annual 2017 and best practices virtual round-up (Rebecca K., Tiana T., Karen Q.) http://connect.ala.org/node/229994 (Note this event has now been cancelled)

  • Survey results indicated that cultural competency is a topic of interest 
  • MIG will put on a session on Sunday at Annual Conference 2017 on: “What can ALA do to foster best practices for cultural competency?” It will be a conversation as well as a facilitated discussion. A facilitator still needs to be identified.
  • Larger goal of MIG is to make presentations and articles accessible on topics that we focus on.
  • If you have ideas or facilitator suggestions, send those along to Rebecca, Tiana, or Karen

Update on discussion with Diversity Councilors at ALA Midwinter (Martin G.)

The COD wanted to know if there were ways that we could work more closely with the Diversity Councilors (supporting them as well as keeping abreast on topics discussed at Council meetings)
There is an email list that is hosted by Kent State
Idea: Create an ALA Connect group so that we can have conversations all in one place (as opposed to having parallel discussions in our separate Connect communities). Next step will be to reach out to the conveners of Diversity Council group to create this ALA Connect group.

COD priorities for the next five months 

Major focus will be to update the charge for COD
 Scheduling Monthly meetings - Everyone was okay with monthly meeting/call (we can cancel if we do not need to meet)

Update from IFC Joint Group (Martin G.)

Library Bill of Rights on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Libraries -  Structure was based on Access to Library Resources and Services Regardless of Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, or Sexual Orientation document. Please give feedback – deadline is May 1st
• Comment on the ALA Connect page
• Email any IFC member
• Martin will send out email to COD and we can comment; Martin and Jesse will compile our comments
• One comment already: Liked the definitions and the consistent language


Adjourned at 9:54AM PST
Doodle polls will be sent out for our meeting. At the next meeting we will discuss the COD’s role in the EDI strategic directions (places where we want to focus on and where we should encourage other groups to take action)