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Draft Minutes from 5-5-2017 WAC Meeting

Minutes from the Spring Virtual WAC Agenda

May 5, 2017, 05/05/2017 1:30 PM Central Time

In Attendance: Ron Block (chair), Anna Neatour (ALCTS Representative), Jennifer Peters (Intern), Kelly Sattler (LITA Representative), Vandy Pacetti-Donelson (AASL Representative), Sherri Vanyek (Staff Liaison). ALA-ITTS Staff: Louise Gruenberg, Pamela Akins, Julianna Kloeppel

Adobe Connect Session

The meeting recording link (Adobe Connect add-in may be needed.) http://ala.adobeconnect.com/penc9ac9q7ca/ (33.39 min.)


1.0 COO Recommendation

2.0 Priority Projects

2.1 Responsive Redesign

2.2 New ALA Connect

2.3 eStore/eLearning eCommerce

3.0 Status of IT External Review Recommendations

4.0 ITTS Staffing Issues


1.0   COO Recommendation

Formatting and sentence structure of the wording was discussed. Goal: Being complete and driving the points home. Who serves, how this represents everyone, who is responsible for appointing the members. Those who want to revise the COO document can listen to the discussion of points in the meeting recording. Suggestions should be posted and a way to complete the edits will be decided.

The COO document is available here: http://connect.ala.org/node/266178

2.0   Priority Projects

2.1   Responsive Redesign - Louise Gruenberg

 A screenshare of the redesign project was shown. The 2017 Redesign Form used by web managers or content editors to make selections in colors and pods was displayed and progress on that form by units was discussed. Complete: migration to new servers, one-on-one sessions with division staff regarding redesign choices and deadlines for theming choices.

Site migration schedule:

Weeks 5/8 and 5/15 – migration of sites which are shifting in order to place them with the new global navigation

Week of 5/8: a draft schedule for microsite retheming will be sent to ALA Staff

Questions were:

Kelly Sattler: Schedule for the divisions retheming? Answer: It’s a combination of using the draft schedule and timing when decisions are made for look and content. We might be partially done by annual and fully done by end of fiscal year.

Rob Block: Testing of the site? Answer: We did testing at 2015 Annual and Midwinter for usability with the new global navigation. Current shortcuts (committee, division, roundtable) are still available in the footer and components are customizable.

2.2   New ALA Connect – Sherri Vanyek

Test site is almost ready for WAC review. In the meantime, Pam is developing best practices, video tutorials, and a training plan for the summer months. Go live is scheduled for late July/ early August to avoid conflicts with work during Annual. Note that URL, login, and credentials will remain the same for users. The old ALA Connect will no longer be available once we begin using the new ALA Connect.

Ron Block: Testing and training details? Answer (Pam Akins) yes, there will be resources including videos and feedback will be collected to monitor the experiences around ALA.

2.3   Estore - Sherri Vanyek

EStore plus eLearning eCommerce scope/ details. At present, we’re finalizing the designs for the project. Demos of checkouts and user experience. Louise and eStore project manager, Steven Pate are working on consolidating taxonomies, search results and faceted searching. A test site will be available to WAC and for accessibility testing by ITTS staff (Louise and Sean Bires)

Launch for Phase 1: Planned for July 6. Only the Store and eLearning products currently sold in the ALA Store.

Phase 2: Planned for August 2017. The rest of ALA eLearning webinars and online courses.

Phase 3. Scheduled for September 2017. Small face to face events

This project has been fast tracked/ a priority project for ITTS since March 2016 because the current ALA Store software is on its last legs.

3.0   Status of IT External Review Recommendations

Post in the ALA Connect Group: http://connect.ala.org/node/265478 Approximately 23% of the recommendations are complete if you weighted them all equally. February: Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst/Project Manager position added (Brian Willard). December 2016 eStore Project Manager position was also filled (Steven Pate). These positions are making a great impact. We’re still working on other positions. Dues and Donations E-commerce went live in October 2016. December: Merge of Moodle installations to combine ALA Moodle and ALA Publishing Moodle. September: Office 365 installation. Responsive Redesign meetings – all divisions and most offices have had sessions. Community engagement specialist recommendation was to continue funding- Pam Akins is currently fulfilling this position. IT Advisory committee- this committee has fulfilled that recommendation with the COO document discussed in this meeting. Regarding filling other positions described in the recommendations: new positions for 2018 will not be funded. But as funds become available resources are planned to be added: staff, consultants, or a combination.

4.0   ITTS Staffing Issues - Sherri Vanyek

4 staff are out on intermittent Family Medical Leave (FMLA)