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ANMIG ALA Annual Twitter Chat

Heading to ALA Annual this year? Are you overwhelmed by all the sessions, events, and exhibits and wondering how to prioritize your schedule and navigate Chicago? On May 31 at 2 PM EDT, we will have two locals join us on Twitter to chat about tips and tricks for navigating the nation’s biggest library conference. They are Tina Coleman, from ALA in Chicago and Kristin Martin, from University of Chicago Library. Victoria Kemp, ANMIG vice co-chair and Xiping Liu, ANMIG secretary, will be your hosts. We will have some great tips for you!

If you would like to send us questions on the topic beforehand, please submit them to the moderators by twitter or email: Viccy Kemp (@viccy74 or victoriakemp@flower-mound.com) and Xiping Liu (@XipingLiu1 or xliu54@Central.UH.EDU). We will ask the questions during the chat. ANMIG twitter chats will follow a similar format to other library chats (e.g. #libchat). Moderators will tweet out questions starting with Q [number of question] (e.g. Q1, Q2, and Q3). Followers will tweet back the answers using A [Number of Question] (e.g. A1, A2, and A3). Make sure to use #ANMIGchat in all of your tweets!

We hope to see you there!