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May18, 2017 Meeting Minutes


In Attendance: Martin Garnar, Melissa Cardenas Dow, Max Macias, LaJuan Pringle, Julie Dornack, Lessa Pelayo-Lozada, Jody Gray, Sarah Zettervall, Hannah Park

  • Notetaker - Jody Gray
  • NMRT Request for a speaker
    • LaJuan has agreed to repurpose the presentation that he did previously. 
    • Sarah recommended looking at the notes that Leslie took at the Midwinter presentation to help guide the process. She will share with the group. Attached the "EDI Where do we go from here.docx"
    • LaJuan and Max will connect with the NMRT committee through Martin.
  • Announcement: input request from ACRL Research & Scholarly Communication Committee redrafting of research agenda -- Melissa
    • They will share a draft with EDI-IWG to provide feedback. 
  • Subgroup work updates
    • Survey/Data - made updates on the timeline and pushed back from Member Services and ORS
      • Working with the checklist group to put out a letter to find out what other groups have that we can model.
    • EDI statement - Suggestions listed on Connect. Please contribute your thoughts. 
    • http://connect.ala.org/node/262459 
    • Should we include a piece about Posting Media out of context of ALA events and speakers without permission from the organization AND speakers. 
    • TASK: Jody will see if there is already something that responds to this issue. 
    • TIMELINE: Would like to have something in place by September for Midwinter 2018
    • Will be asking for feedback from Council before anything is moved forward- may take to the executive board.
  • Microaggressions program - Martin put Jody in contact with Dena R. Samuels. Jody will be having a phone conversation with her to work out details.
  • Checklists - Working with the survey group to send letters to associations for models
  • Local community - LBC will not be renewing as  MIG. The group will be promoting the resources that were created on their website. 
    • What are the next steps?
    • Recommend having this be a part of our in person discussion
  • Jody shared information about the Speakers Bureau
  • ALA Annual planning
    • Business meeting content and format
      • 1/2 updates on the work internally
      • second 1/2 would be similar to a mini town hall where we can use the discussion about the local community recommendation
      • Need to create some promotion about this second half - Jody and Melissa
    • Program -- lightning talks, submissions
      • An hour long presentation
      • 9 submissions
      • Martin can put up the submissions on Connect to get feedback
      • Need to have decisions by May 31. 
    • Update: Implementation plan for EDI Strategic Directions
      • Jody and Mary Ghikas produced a draft implementation plan that they presented to the Executive Board at the spring 2017 meeting.  
      • Will be getting feedback from members and specifically targeted groups over the next few months.
      • Final product deadline is the Executive Board Meeting in fall of 2017. 
    • Updates from ODLOS:
      • Literacy Initiatives
        • Literacy Clearinhouse will be launching at Annual Conference
        •  One of the ODLOS themes, in the next year, will focus on literacy as a social justice initiative. 
      • ALA website redesign will begin on Monday, May 22. May be some disruption to our site. 
      • Project Welcome (IMLS Grant with ODLOS, OIR, and the Mortenson Center of the University of Illinois) held a two day session to work on the overview and action plan for serving refugees and asylum seekers in public libraries.

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