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2017 April Executive Board Meeting Agenda And Minutes

2017 April Executive Board Meeting Agenda



Wednesday, April 19th, 6:00 pm EST

Dial-in info is as follows: 

Toll Free Number: 866-801-5789

Participant Passcode: 78965432


1. Call to Order

Action: None

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

6:00 (5m)


Minutes: Called to order at 6 pm EST. Attendees unknown due to call-in difficulty.


2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Action: Approve agenda for the March 2017 Executive Board meeting. Approval of minutes from the March 2017 Executive Board meeting. (Link: http://connect.ala.org/node/265783)

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica


6:05 (5m)


Minutes: Ann wants to add “June is GLBT Book Month” as item 10. David spoke with Tess about this, so he’ll send those details out in an email. Matt can cede time on the social media policy; perhaps we can discuss in person at Annual.


3. Treasurer’s Report and Budget

Action: Update from the Treasurer

Item Facilitator: Liz DeCoster


Supporting Information: Liz will provide her monthly update on the Round Table’s finances.

6:10 (5m)


Minutes: Ended with net asset balance of $36,287. Expenses: $750 for emerging leader stipend. Revenues: $134 in donations. Membership is outpacing budget. We sold 4,084 in stonewall? Endowment climbed to $268,816, representing $160 of donations plus interest. Confirmation that stonewall budget line item that did not get created for this fiscal year WAS created for next. Ann - do we know anything about the Chicago social? What have we budgeted? Deb: we have Columbia. We either have to pay more on security, or not spend on food. Higher than we expected. They’re bringing ice but we’ll bring alcohol. Sherry will purchase out of state and transport to Chicago. Liz: Social $128 over budget (we budgeted $1,500). Ann - is Gale going to pay for the Midwinter social? Deb: unknown.


4. Welcome to All Poster Drafts

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: David Isaak/Tess Goldwasser


Supporting Information: Tess Goldwasser, chair of the Advocacy Committee, will be joining us to give an update on where the Committee is at with the Open to All/Welcome to All poster idea. Attached are draft signs. The Committee would like feedback from the Board. Below is Tess's description of the drafts:


We started with Ann’s suggestion of the signs that list all the people who are welcome: ALL ages, ALL races, ALL genders, etc.


But then we thought: What if we “miss” an “ALL” that is important to someone? Will our inclusive message then inadvertently fail for them?


Then we considered a more “aggressive” message, something about libraries resisting policy that would exclude anyone, but we didn’t want the sign to be too political, and dissuade librarians from posting it.


Finally we settled on addressing the library user directly: You are welcome here. It’s not political, and it’s without fail inclusive. If you’re in the library, no matter who you are, no question, you are welcome.


The “opentoall.png” file was our first draft. The “alwayswelcome.jpg” file is our second draft – changes being mainly that we attempted to add the RT logo, and use a for sure non-copyrighted image in the background.


We’re open to changes in design, as none of us are pro designers, and figure ALA will probably handle design in the final stages, as they did with the “Open to All” toolkit.


Speaking of design, I just want to mention I reached out to Rebecca McCorkindale, designer of the popular “Libraries are for Everyone” images - https://hafuboti.com/2017/02/02/libraries-are-for-everyone/ - and she said she’d be open to creating something for the GLBTRT if we wanted to formally approach her.


Files: http://connect.ala.org/files/alwayswelcome.jpg



6:20 (10m)


Minutes: David: Advocacy committee sent along two drafts for feedback. Purposefully avoided any “resistance” messaging. Apolitical. Used the second person to address patron directly. Ann: messages around Portland, while they do list all groups, you really do get a sense that they’re speaking to everybody, and not just a single group. We need to make sure that people don’t think we’re just referring to the GLBT community. Question: is this better coming from ALA? If it comes from us, and has our logo on it, then it automatically has a GLBT skewed message. If it isn’t just for the GLBT community, why would WE put this out? Why can’t it be specific? Ann asked if they got in touch with ALA’s advocacy committee. Can we use our logo and attach it to GLBT book month? Ann - perhaps we can create something a little more professional? Ana Elisa: would it be worthwhile exploring ALL of these avenues? An ALA version with broader reach, pursuing the GLBT Book Month angle, but also making a more general GLBT one dissociated from book month. Deb: it would be great to have it translated into additional languages. Ann -  we should ask the Chair of ALA Advocacy for a spot on their agenda and go speak with them. If we do that, what do we do between now and then? Peter - can ODLOS assist us with working with ALA Graphics? Can they help us get it tweaked for various groups, with the priority being for GLBT Book Month? Ann - can we do both? Peter - yes. Matt - Gina Milsap (?) is the Chair of ALA Advocacy. David - do we expect the advocacy group to do this, or will it be GLBTRT? Ann - both. Tess or Tess and David should reach out to an Advocacy staff person to get their take on the idea.


5. Election Review - Next Steps

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica


Supporting Information: The Board will discuss the results of the latest ALA Election.

6:25 (10m)


Minutes: Due to Ana Elisa’s election, her position on the Board is now vacant. Should we invite Megan Drake to take over after annual? Ann - were we to do this, how would that affect the gender makeup of the Board? Currently there are only two men on the Board. Should we balance that out some? Peter - not so concerned with the gender makeup as with the candidates’ desire and ability to do the job. What about a trans candidate? Motion to recommend Megan. Ana Elisa seconds. In favour of the recommendation: all. Promote running for election to the membership at Annual. Membership committee meeting: we’ll talk about board composition and renaming GLBTRT.


6. Review of Emerging Leaders Team's Email and Survey Templates: language, suggestions, etc.

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ana Elisa De Campos Salles


Supporting Information: Ariana sent an email on behalf of our Emerging Leaders team, asking us to comment or give suggestions on the text for emails and the survey template the team has created to solicit materials for the archive, as well as some other questions involving the ALA Archive's accession rules. A draft of the template is attached. The Board will discuss.


Files: http://connect.ala.org/files/EmailSurveyTemplates-draftv2.pdf


6:35 (10m)


Minutes: Ann - likes what they’ve done WRT the whole message about the archives. Ana Elisa: would we agree that the language in the templates is good? All: yes. Ana Elisa: send this to as many listservs as possible. We can help them with that. All: yes. Matt: It’s great that they have a plan and want to send out via social media, too, which means it can reach beyond the ALA membership. Ana Elisa: should we include a line that says how the materials should be treated? Isn’t that already in the Deed of Gift? Ann - people need to go directly to the archivist, and... Matt - the ELs need to develop a mechanism to connect interested parties with the Archivist. Lucas said that the staff have limited time to digitize and for all we know they might not have the machinery to digitize anything other than paper. Maybe we can talk to Gale about assisting with it? Also reach out to retirees who make no longer receive ALA communications.


7. Program promotion planning for Annual

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitators: Deb Sica

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will discuss promotion strategies for the various GLBTRT related sessions to be held at ALA Annual.

6:45 (10m)


Minutes: Alana and Megan want to do cross promotion for the intersectionality session. They want our feedback on how to better get the word out about it. Ann - isn’t the board supposed to approve sessions? How many do we have? Two programs and then Stonewall Book Awards. Should we design a new logo, or just use the two existing logos of the groups to cross promote? Matt - she should take it to the News Committee. Ana Elisa: maybe Advocacy too?


8. Finalizing the GLBTRT Social Media Policy

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Matt Ciszek

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will resume discussion of the draft social media policy, with hopes to finalize it.

Files: http://connect.ala.org/files/GLBTRT%20Social%20Media%20Guidelines%20-%20Edited.docx


6:55 (10m)


Minutes: Matt - nothing to add until Annual, since little feedback has been received. Deb: try and finalize it before our next meeting so we can send it to the membership at Annual?


9. June is GLBT Book Month

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons

Vote: No


Minutes: Ann: basically, we can’t keep leaving promotion of “June is GLBT Book” month until May. Let’s put it on the agenda for Annual.  A yearly plan about what happens each month and who does what. A timeline. Sort out the responsibilities. Deb: we should also put it on the membership meeting agenda, too.



10. Google Framework Project and Internal RT Communication Streamline

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica/David Isaak

Vote: No

7:05 (end)


Minutes: David: some of us met at Midwinter to speak about infrastructure issues. We decided to create a new Google site with Google 2.0 platform to serve as a new repository for Round Table institutional memory. Plan here is we have asked the Web Committee to create this new Google site for us, meaning that once By-Laws are done with review of our new By-Laws document, we will put that on the new site; also, we will have a section for each committee and standing committee where we can put meeting minutes, tip sheets for Chair handoffs, etc. All of this will live in Drive and just be linked on the sites. The beginnings of a folder hierarchy can be found in the RT’s Google account (not final). We want our liaisons to reach out to their own committees to let them know about this project and to let us know if they already have Google accounts.


10. Adjournment

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

7:10 (end)


Minutes: Meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM EST.


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