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ALCTS CaMMS Catalog Management Interest Group Program at ALA Annual 2017

ALCTS CaMMS Catalog Management Interest Group (CMIG) at ALA Annual Chicago

Date:  Saturday, June 24, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Location: PALM, the MONROE ROOM


The ALCTS CaMMS Catalog Management Interest Group (CMIG) is offering three presentations on the following theme:


Preparing for the Transition to the Linked Data Environment:

What is Being Recommended, What is Being Done, and What You Can Do to Include URIs in Your MARC Records


Adopting linked data as a replacement for MARC has been a long-term goal for the library community. The library world has been steadily moving toward integrating library catalogs and MARC records into the web (i.e., through linked data), where users are most likely to begin their searches for information. One way to achieve this is through the addition of globally unique identifiers, URIs, to bibliographic and authority records.


Progress toward introducing URIs into MARC bibliographic and authority records is rapidly picking up pace. The URI task force sponsored by the PCC is releasing its best practices recommendations report this Spring, vendors are offering services to upgrade records to include URIs, and individual institutions are devising ways to incorporate URIs into their records. Three specialists in this endeavor will speak about the importance of introducing URIs into MARC records and practical ways to achieve this goal for your library community.




Jackie Shieh, Resource Description Coordinator (George Washington University, and Task Group Chair of the URI task force sponsored by the PCC.


She will share and highlight the PCC Task Group’s most recent efforts and discussion papers on URIs in MARC. The task Group was charged to investigate feasibility of globally unique identifiers in the form of HTTP URIs in existing library system to prepare MARC data transitioning to a linked data environment. It began its work in October 2015, and over the last twenty months has submitted two discussion papers to the MARC Advisory Committee (MAC), which were accepted as proposals in 2016. At the annual in Chicago, the Task Group will submit two more papers to MARC.


Nate Cothran, PMP, Vice President, Automation Services, Backstage Library Works


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. To date, Backstage has worked with and on behalf of libraries with respect to enriching bibliographic and authority records with URIs. We have learned, we have revised, and we have struggled in certain areas. We would like to share lessons learned as a vendor and some next steps to consider.


Jack Ammerman, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Open Access at Boston University


Boston University Libraries joined the LibHub project organized by Zepheira in February 2016 to explore publishing the Libraries' bibliographic records in linked data format to a web site indexed by Internet search engines like Google and Bing. BU developed a process for enhancing the bibliographic records with URIs from multiple authority sources including the Getty thesauri, Wikidata, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, and VIAF. Jack Ammerman will describe that project, the impact on referral traffic to the Libraries' discovery system (Primo), and current efforts to become consumers of their own linked data in the Primo user interface and other web sites.


The (CMIG) provides a forum for libraries that wish to discuss the various issues involved in cataloging, classification, authority control and metadata application after the initial cataloging has been performed, including its impact on discovery. It provides a forum for exchanging information and discussing techniques, new developments, and problems with managing the data integrity of library catalogs and related discovery tools.


Kimberly Edwards, Co-Chair, 2016-2017


Andrew Sulavik, Co-Chair, 2016-2017


Amber Seely, Co-Vice Chair, 2016-2017


Victoria Troemel, Co-Vice Chair, 2016-2017