Early Childhood Programs and Services Chat- May 2nd, 2017

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    12:21pm Brooke Newberry:

    So sorry for the delay everyone! My CPR class went 45 minutes over. Librarians have a lot of questions :)

    12:21pm Brooke Newberry:

    I'll give everyone a few minutes to log-in and get settled.

    12:22pm Kristen Aldrich:

    No worries, Brooke!

    12:25pm Pamela Hamlin:

    Aha! Finally found ya'll.

    12:26pm Brooke Newberry:

    There you are :)

    12:27pm Brooke Newberry:

    I would like for there to be at least 4 of us to begin. We'll wait until 12:30. If we don't have enough members we will have to reschedule or conduct business over email.

    12:32pm Brooke Sheets:

    Sorry! stepped away!

    12:32pm Brooke Sheets:

    Anybody still here?

    12:33pm Brooke Newberry:

    Hello! We're here. Stephanie is having some issues with chat. But it looks like there are enough of us to discuss.

    12:35pm Brooke Newberry:

    We keep losing people on the chat I notice. Last ditch effort- but let's try to move the chat to a different place. Everyone check your email for a link please!

    12:35pm Brooke Sheets:


    Stephanie Prato's picture

    Hi Can you see my messages?

    Stephanie Prato's picture

    I'm sorry I'm so late :(

    Brooke Newberry's picture

    We cannot. It's showing up as messages and not the chat for some reason. Can you log off and log back in?