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Online Board Meeting 4/19: Logo/Rebranding

We have established a quorum and schedule for this meeting at http://connect.ala.org/node/265807

This topic is the Logo/Rebranding update, which was presented our Executive Committee Meeting on 4/17 in Document W.

As a reminder, the topic of revisiting our logo, and potentially our entire "brand," was discussed at our Midwinter Board meeting.  The draft minutes express "There was consensus to explore the costs related to using a consultant to drive this work. It was expressed that ALSC should find the dynamism we rediscovered through the strategic planning process and reflect that outward.  ACTION: A. Strittmatter will consult with PLA and RUSA to inquire about their logo and rebranding experiences."   This week's Document W presents that update. 

Since Midwinter, our Marketing Manager Dan Bostrom has moved on from ALSC.  That position will be filled soon, but our new marketing staff person will have a learning curve to the position and the culture of ALSC. The Executive Committee discussed this additional consideration, but felt it was still wise to move forward with an entire rebranding exploration, noting that the costs of just a new logo were significant enough that we should invest in the entire project. Given the turnover in the Marketing Manager, the Board would need to assist with communication to members to ensure engagement from the start of the project. 

The costs for the brand identity consultant as presented in Document W would be presented in the proposed FY18 budget for Board adoption at Annual 2017.  However, the Executive Committee recommends authorizing staff to proceed immediately with engaging a consultant for this project. 

This topic is open for preliminary discussion. 


Doc w Logo Rebranding Update.pdf190.1 KB
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Thank you to the staff for proceeding with this charge of exploring the costs, financial and otherwise, associated with a rebranding, especially after Dan's departure. Considering the degree of research and consideration the staff have clearly already put into what a logo rebranding would entail, I concur with the Executive Committee's recommendation to authorize staff to proceed immediately with engaging a consultant for this project.

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I agree with Amy. Sounds like this has been well-researched and thought out by the staff, so I think we should give staff the green light to engage a consultant for a rebranding effort.

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I appreciate the update on the status of this project and see no problem with going ahead with this initiative.

Kay Weisman

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Thank you for these preliminary thoughts.  This item has been moved and seconded, and is now open for final discussion before a vote, at: http://connect.ala.org/node/265807

Nina Lindsay

2017-18 ALSC President