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2017 March Executive Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2017 March Executive Board Meeting Agenda



Wednesday, March 15th, 3:00 pm EST

Dial-in info is as follows: 

Toll Free Number: 866-801-5789

Participant Passcode: 78965432


1. Call to Order 

Action: None

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No
:06 (5m)

Minutes: Called to order at 3 PM with participants: Jennifer Maguire-Wright, Lucas McKeever, Matt Ciszek, Ana Elisa de Campos Salles, Deb Sica, Sherry Machones, Elizabeth DeCoster, Ann Symons (3:29), Joel Nichols (3:13), and Peter Coyl.


2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Action: Approve agenda for the March 2017 Executive Board meeting. Approval of minutes from the February 2017 Executive Board meeting. (Link: 2017FebruaryExecutiveBoardMeetingAgendaAndMinutes.docx

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote:Yes Matt Ciszek moved to approve, seconded by Ana Elisa de Campos Salles with the following corrections: Erin Berman should be listed in         attendance as a guest; David Isaak and Joel Nichols were in attendance. The Treasurer’s report could be clarified about ‘raising dues.’ The RT is not raising dues, but due to an increase in memberships, our dues line shows a rise in income. Passed.
:07/3:58 (5m)


3. Treasurer’s Report and Budget

Action: Update from the Treasurer

Item Facilitator: Liz DeCoster


Supporting Information: Liz will provide her monthly update on the Round Table’s finances. 

3:11 (15m)

Minutes: Liz reported that the RT revenue is ahead of what we budgeted. We have recouped all money from the Stonewall seal order. We are ahead in donations for honoraria. GLBTRT has a $30,979 net balance. 



4. GLBTRT Planned Giving Update

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons


Supporting Information: Ann has been working on a planned giving memorandum of understanding; the Board will discuss the section regarding GLBTRT’s future responsibilities with regards to the MOA.

Minutes: This was initially tabled due to absence of Ann Symons. When Ann arrived we discussed how we want to change the responsibilities to reflect intent. Ann was asked about her intent. Discussion centered on who we pay for training, advocacy, travel or contract work for example. Ann clarified that travel and speakers should be the RT’s responsibility. Jen asked for specific examples on what would be appropriately funded. Ann suggested graphics, printing, or making pre conference more accessible. Ann will go back and work more with Sheila. Request to put it on the May Agenda.
:13/3:35 (10m)


5. Updates from Emerging Leaders

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ana Elisa De Campos Salles, Lucas McKeever


Supporting Information: Emerging Leader Lucas McKeever will be calling in to update the Board on the work of the EL class of 2017.
:14 (10m)

Minutes: Lucas reported that the ALA Archive is willing to house and digitize materials at no cost. They will be platform and host. RT can prioritize digitization items. Jen asked if donors can get their items back and Lucas will inquire. Peter suggested that the EL group may be able to digitize items that need to be returned. EL group have worked on letter to request from RT members, and tracking of correspondence and items. ALA Archivist needs plenty of time to digitize, so we should start now. Jen asked about outreach to other archives that pertain to items about GLBTRT. Ana will take names of contacts of who to contact for GLBTRT donations. Joel suggested looking through old RT Board rosters for names. Board will reimburse travel costs to the ALA Archive for Lucas. Ann asked about who should get sent the materials ALA or Lucas. Lucas says they should send items to the Archive. Jen asked that there be a special note on the Archive mailings to distinguish that they go for this project. 



6. Stonewall Winner Book Talk Proposal
Action: Discussion and Vote
Item Facilitators: Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Nicholas Brown from Library of Congress contacted Ann about having Stonewall award winners participating in book talks and signings at Library of Congress. The Board will discuss.

3:45 (10m)

Minutes: Consensus was that Library of Congress can use the Stonewall Award winners and GLBTRT name, but we cannot assist with funding. Ana spoke highly of Nick and his work there. Ann will follow up with Nick. Conversation arose in regards to Disney and another publisher offering light catering for the Stonewall program at ALA Annual. 


7. GLBTRT Social Media Policy

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Matt Ciszek

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will resume discussion of the latest draft social media policy, attached here: GLBTRT Social Media Guidelines - Edited.docx

3:48 (10m)

Minutes: Matt briefed the Board about the issue with news committee. The issue arose with the ‘Name you should know’ which delat with highlighting authors. An author thought they had been interviewed and the author got offended. Matt felt that the news committee handled it well. The news committee apologized, took down the articles, and discontinued series. The final draft of the RT Social Media Policy will be presented at the next meeting. Please send comments to Matt within the next few weeks. Ann requested that the news look more visually attractive. Discussion centered around delivery methods of the news because RT Board members reported seeing different things. Ann will send out her example. 


8. Questions

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Due to Board members arriving late, some questions were asked about previous issues.


Minutes: Ann requested that in the February Minutes, the Treasurer’s report could be clarified about ‘raising dues.’ The RT is not raising dues, but due to an increase in memberships, our dues line shows a rise in income. There was no objection from the Board.


There was a clarification that the RT is offering free GLBTRT membership to current emerging leader GLBTRT group. With that, Ann asked about the statistics on Spectrum student option for free GLBTRT membership. Ana will reach out to find out from this year. 


The Board is impressed by the great discussion online about the GLBTRT name change. The RT will bring this to membership at Annual. Google sheet tracker will be a big help, thanks to David. Discussion was had about ways to gauge responses at Annual. Joel suggests doing a sticker vote.


Divisional GLBTRT Socials: ACRL not doing a social; PLA planning a social.

Ann suggested surveying the members of the organizations to see if they want one. Jen and Joel are local for PLA and may be able to help.


Google framework was requested to be on next agenda with David as facilitator.


Peter reported on the programing for Annual is submitted and suggests that we get ideas ready for Midwinter. Submission time will be sooner because of the Conference Remodel. 


GLBTRT Board Meeting time- Paul cannot meet at this time. Propose we go back to later time on next meeting, and see if we can change it after that meeting. Joel suggest changing the day of the week for the future, to be discussed at Annual. Deb will send out an update. 


9. Adjournment

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

4:15 (end)