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You're Doing It Wrong: Librarians and Ethics

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Speakers: Callan Bignoli, Director of Technology, Public Library of Brookline (Massachusetts)
T.J. Lamanna, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Cherry Hill Public Library (New Jersey)

If you asked most librarians, we think they'd say they do their best to follow the ALA's Code of Ethics and privacy guidelines. But when was the last time you read them over? What about your familiarity with your state's laws and regulations around patron privacy and library use? Do you find yourself caught between certain expectations of convenience, user experience, or customer service that seem at odds with our professional ethics? Do you feel like there is an inconsistent interpretation of ethics and guidelines among your colleagues?

We'd like to give librarians who have grappled with these issues a chance to discuss them with their peers. It will also be an opportunity for us to brush up on our familiarity with our code of ethics as well as recommendations and guidelines from the Office of Intellectual Freedom and the Intellectual Freedom Committee. And it will give us a springboard from which we can have these discussions more locally, starting with a solid understanding of the legal and ethical context that surrounds patron privacy issues.