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Utilizing Courier Technology for Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

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Utilizing Courier Technology for Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Natasha Boekholt

Library systems that choose to outsource courier services need a reliable tracking method that allows staff to monitor the status of transfers in real-time as they are in transit. Software utilized by couriers like Stat Courier offer an improved client user experience, extensive reporting and analytical capabilities, and intuitive tracking and monitoring tools. Utilizing barcode scanning technology, data is automatically transferred between the courier and client systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Interaction and responsibility on the library’s part is minimal—staff simply log in to check the status of materials and a particular route at any time, from anywhere.

This Ignite session will highlight the benefits this technology offers to libraries, such as verification of driver performance and delivery timeliness; how data is transferred between a courier and library through these systems; and the capabilities of web-based courier software, including:
• Barcode scanning and printing
• Order entry
• Container tracking, including pick-up and delivery times and locations
• GPS vehicle tracking, shown as color-coded pinpoints on maps for early, on-time, and late deliveries
• Robust reporting
• Data management

Additionally, this session will discuss best practices for balancing the convenience of technology with the need for live customer service.

Library Types:
Academic, Association, Community College, Consortium, Corporate, Elementary School, Federal, Government, High School, Information-related Organization, Joint Use, Law, Library School, Medical, Middle School, Museum, Native, Nonprofit, Other, Prison Library, Public, Regional System, Research Library, Retired, Rural, School/Media Center, Seeking Employment, Special, State Library, Student, Tribal, Undergraduate

Subject Headings:
Administration and Management, Emerging Technologies, Outsourcing, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Technology