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Using Web GIS in an Academic Library to Evaluate Learning Spaces: A Pilot Project

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Using Web GIS in an Academic Library to Evaluate Learning Spaces: A Pilot Project

Bruce Godfrey, GIS Librarian, University of Idaho

Richard Stoddart, Education Librarian, University of Idaho

Academic libraries are creating more diverse learning spaces for students, but measuring how students use these spaces can be a challenge. Online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platforms have matured to a point where they offer intriguing capabilities for collecting, analyzing, sharing, and visualizing in-library use data for space assessment initiatives. As these platforms continue to mature, it is reasonable to conclude that enhancements to these platforms will not only provide librarians more opportunities to collect in-library use data to inform the use of physical space in the buildings their patrons use, but that they will also potentially provide opportunities to more easily share database schemas and data for future research. This presentation will report on a pilot project that uses ArcGIS Online to gather evidence of library space usage.

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Subject Headings:
Assessment and Evaluation, Buildings and Facilities, Emerging Technologies, Geospatial Data and Services, Technology