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Staying Connected: The Roadmap to Social Media Success

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Staying Connected: The Roadmap to Social Media Success

Kimberly Lace Lee. Fama, University of British Columbia

As university students get more accustomed to receiving information from a wide variety of social media channels, catching their attention by simply posting or tweeting about an event is not enough. In today's fast-paced world, users are looking for more impactful and tailored messages. I will discuss the social media plan that increased our engagement thrice fold and our follower count in Facebook within a year of implementation. Highlights will include how our three social media strategies (social strategy, marketing strategy and content strategy) are implemented within our social media cycle. In addition, there will be a strong focus on the social media calendar that is integral to our content strategy. As applications and software have become more reliant on algorithms based on a person's profile and activity to determine what information to show the user, this innovative calendar gives a strategic view of our social media activity and serves as an enhanced reporting tool to our unit and various communication departments in the organization. The presentation will conclude with our findings from our metrics and how we have optimized our practices to keep up with the latest trends in order to set the direction for our social media strategy in 2017.

The social media calendar, plan and strategies are flexible and can be applied across various libraries and information organizations with modifications according to their communication needs.

Library Types:
Academic, Student, Undergraduate

Subject Headings:
Assessment and Evaluation, Community Engagement, Emerging Technologies, Learning Commons, Marketing, Outreach Services, Popular Culture, Social Media & Networks, Technology