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Slaying the Monster: Implementing Plagiarism Workshops

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Slaying the Monster: Implementing Plagiarism Workshops


Claire A. Miller, MLIS, Librarian, South Florida State College

As a college library, educating students is an essential part of our mission. But a spate of plagiarism challenged our faculty, and the library sought a solution based in educating students. Working from the idea that most undergraduate plagiarism is based on ignorance rather than malice, the library implemented a series of stand-alone workshops to combat plagiarism. After a strong faculty and student response, we developed a series of one-shot ingratiated class instruction sessions focused on both plagiarism and citation. While data assessment is on-going, three terms of results comparing class wide turnitin.com originality scores between sections show that this workshop model reduces plagiarism significantly (up to 30 percent), especially in introductory courses.

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Academic, Community College, High School, School/Media Center

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Adult Services, Ethics, Information Literacy, Instruction, Learning Commons, Reference Services