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2017 ALSC Executive Committee Spring Call Agenda and Documents

Greetings, ALSC Executive Committee:

Below you will find the ALSC Executive Committee meeting agenda and documents for the Spring call which will be held on Monday, April 17, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Central.

Draft Agenda, updated 4/14/17

Consent Agenda:

For Approval:

Doc a Midwinter 2017 Executive Committee Draft Minutes


Doc b Draft 2017 Midwinter Board Minutes

Doc c Management Report

Doc d.i  ALSC 6-month FY 2017 Financials- Feb Summary

Doc d.ii Endowment Report

Doc e Continuing Education Report

Doc f  Communications Report

Doc g Membership Report

Doc h Projects and Partnerships Report

Doc i Publications Report

Doc j Web Activities Report

Doc K Award Program Report

Doc l Emerging Leader Report

Doc m President's Report

Doc N Councilor's Report

Doc o Committee February Reports (large doc, 62 pages)

Doc r Designing Youth Spaces White Paper

Doc t Awards Database

Doc w Logo Rebranding Update