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STS Chat April 21st - Developing a Scalable Online Scientific Information Literacy Module

Friday, April 21, 2017
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, US/Central

Please join us Friday, April 21st, 1-2pm EDT (12-1pm CDT) for the monthly discussion hosted by the ACRL STS Information Literacy committee. This month three librarians from Michigan State University, Sara Miller (Librarian for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Initiatives), Eric Tans (Environmental Sciences Librarian), and Elizabeth Webster (Information Literacy Librarian), will lead our discussion: “Developing a Scalable Online Scientific Information Literacy Module.”

Discussion Description:

How can students new to the sciences develop an understanding of scientific information literacy? At Michigan State University, Information Literacy and Science Librarians partnered with the introductory science course lab coordinators to develop an online scientific information literacy module. Designed to be scalable, the module utilizes a flipped classroom approach and introduces students to ideas of authority, the scholarly publishing process, and critical thinking about the media portrayals of science.

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Interested in leading an STS monthly chat on a relevant science and
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