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February Quarterly Report Public



Reporting Period*: February 15
Name of Committee or Task Force*: Oral History Committee
Priority Group Area *: Organizational Support (PGC IV)
Current Chair(s)*: Lisa Von Drasek
Chair's Email*: lvondras@umn.edu
Co-Chair's email (if applicable):  
Incoming Chair (if known):  
Committee/Task Force Members (names only)*: Amy Kellman 

Debra H. Marshall  

Lisa Kim Nowlain 

Ellen Hunter Ruffin 

Ellen Loughran

Ms. Beth L. Gerall  

Mr. Dennis J. LeLoup  

Emily Bredberg

Per the Division Leadership Manual, the committee is expected to annually review its function statement to ensure the charge meets the responsibilities of the priority group area, recent changes to the professional environment, and facilitates the implementation of the ALSC Strategic Plan. When did you last review it with your committee? Note: Recommendations for changes should be submitted to Organization & Bylaws. : February 15 Reporting Period
Summarize work accomplished, decisions reached, and follow-up action needed (objectives, timetable, and assignments) since your last report. Please remember not to include confidential or sensitive information.*: Our committee is at a standstill with regards to our charge. The ALSC office holds the transcripts and recordings to-date. The progress in transcription and dissemination is painfully slow.
We do not have a consensus that the charge needs to be revised to reflect the work of the committee. There are committee member that believe that we should continue to collect from our distinguished members but this is not best practice. There is agreement that the committee should propose that ALSC hire a graduate student on a project basis partnered with a committee member after "emergency" oral history candidates are identified as well as complete the remaining backlog. The chair has agreed and put together a proposed budget for this project. The committee members have commented on-line and we will discuss the revision on the charge on our next phone call.
An ALSC core value is collaboration. Please describe collaborations you have initiated or would like to initiate with other ALSC or ALA committees to help further your work. Please list the desired outcomes you envision from this/these collaboration(s). What are the next steps you have set to accomplish this? What assistance do you need in taking this forward?: Our vision is to collaborate with a library school to provide employment and experience for someone on an archivist track
If you are a virtual committee or task force, what is your primary method for holding meetings or communicating?: Email, Conference calls
When you communicate electronically, how are you preserving the work of the committee for the next committee?*: Saving emails in folder to forward to next chair.
Did you attend or watch the online committee/task force orientation? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms.*: Yes
If you are the chair of a virtual committee/task force, have you reviewed the resources available in the Best Practices for Virtual Committee Work wiki? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms*: Yes



Lisa Von Drasek
Children's Literature Research Collections (CLRC)
University of Minnesota Libraries
Elmer L. Andersen Library Room 113
222 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Direct line: 612 624-4817
e-mail: lvondras@umn.edu