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ACRL and/or ALA 2017 meet ups + Dance discussion group activity??

Hi all,

First, I'm interested to know if anyone is planning a meet up at either ACRL in Baltimore or at ALA in Chicago this year? I am relatively new to Arts Librarianship and one of my areas is Dance - I'd love to meet some fellow Dance/Performing Arts Librarians!! It looks like this group has been sort of quiet for the last few years - is that the case or is there another, better place to communicate??

Second, If this group is inactive AND if anyone in it would like to bring it back to life I'd be really happy to get my hands dirty. Let me know if this speaks to you! You can respond here or email me directly at LRSherman@fsu.edu if you are interested. Since this is a discussion group and not a committee/independent section maybe there's not much to do besides be more active in discussions... but I'm thinking about organizing future meet ups, etc.


Leah Sherman

Visual & Performing Arts Librarian

Floria State University