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02-15-2017 Meeting Minutes

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Spectrum Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Ana Elisa De Campos Salles, Jacob Harris, Alanna Aiko Moore, Gwendolyn Prellwitz, Denisse Solis, Alice Son, Sharon Tani, Camille Thomas


Kristen Bowen, Veronica Douglas, Rachel Garza Carreon, Twanna Hodge


Community/Cohort Building

1. Gwendolyn Prellwitz acknowledged Denisse Solis, a current member of this year’s Spectrum Scholars, for her helpful support with initiating and monitoring discussions with the incoming cohort. Her efforts have greatly assisted us in determining the ways in which Scholars would feel most comfortable participating with the Institute, what their expectations are and any topics they’d like to explore.

2. A team communication tool called SLACK is being used for these discussions. This app allows for different conversation channels and one will be set up for each of our ethnic affiliate groups.

3. Denisse is also creating a monthly roll-up of the SLACK discussions topics for those who might’ve missed the daily entries. She plans to have this document completed by the end of February.

4. Gwendolyn and Denisse are creating a recorded video for the new cohort that introduces the many ALA Committees, Round Tables, Ethnic Affiliates and Spectrum Facebook groups available to them and encourages their involvement. They’re planning to post this video by March 13th, before the ALA elections open. Screenshots will be sent to the Spectrum Advisory Committee in the coming weeks.

Spectrum Scholarship Jury

1. Gwendolyn reported on behalf of Twanna Hodge  that the Spectrum Scholarship Jury roster is almost finalized. This jury provides a good representation, though one area they had hoped to include is a member of the Archives Committee. Several invitations have been sent out, though all had declined this year so far. One more invitation has been sent out. If this representative also declines, they’ll move ahead with the otherwise superb group of jury panelists.

2. Gwendolyn notified the Advisory Committee that the ALA Spectrum Scholarship application deadline is March 1st , in case we know of more candidates who will want to apply this year.

3. As discussed in the last meeting, Gwendolyn’s request on behalf of the Advisory Committee for a MENA (Middle East and North Africa) option on the Scholarship application has not yet been added, though she indicated that it most likely will be included on next year’s applications. In the meantime, she will continue to work with those applicant who choose to be identified in this category.

Spectrum Leadership Institute

1. Ana Elisa De Campos Salles reported from her earlier meeting with Gwendolyn they they’ve outlined the Institute’s three main session and new format for the Opening Session:

A. Wage Disparity: A panel discussing the issue of wage disparity, the hiring process from a Human Resources perspective as well as from the viewpoint of a newly hired librarian, how to negotiate a salary, and other aspects not traditionally taught in library school.

B. Activism: A panel regarding social and ethnic activism. Ana Elisa is planning to invite members of the Black Lives Matter movement and others to speak on this timely topic.

C. Intersectionality: Alanna Aiko Moore is chairing a panel about this topic on behalf of the GLBTRT Round Table for the ALA conference. Gwendolyn and Ana Elisa would like to invite these same speakers for an Institute presentation that discusses a variety of issues affecting all gender, ability, and ethnic identities within our community. 

D. The Institute’s Opening Reception on Thursday will be extended for to 2 hours this year. In addition to the welcome presentations from the ALA President and Executive Director, leaders of ALA Ethnic Affilitates (AILA, APALA, BCALA, CALA and REFORMA) and ALA Round Tables (GLBTRT, SRRT, Sustain-RT and EMIERT) will also be invited to attend this structured ice-breaking activity which will allow Scholars the opportunity to get to know each other and network with ALA groups.

20th Anniversary Celebration

1. Gwendolyn and Alanna reported that the anniversary’s theme is “Celebrating Community.” The celebration’s activities are scheduled to kick-off during National Library Week in April. The Spectrum community will be encouraged to connect online during National Library Workers Day, The ALA Executive Board will be advocating for Spectrum support, and Rachel  Garza Carreon will be compiling a video of Scholars conveying what Spectrum has meant to their lives and careers. There will also be a celebration event scheduled for Saturday at 4PM during the ALA conference.

Open Discussion

1. Gwendolyn expressed the she’d like Committee Members to feel comfortable with their Advisory role. To this end, she opened the discussion up for any questions or new topics to discuss.

2. Alanna thanked Gwendolyn for her ongoing involvement and for doing so much of the supportive “heavy-lifting” required for Subcommittee planning.

3. Alanna also inquired about another attempt to distribute a fundraising appeal letter on behalf of Spectrum, after the first attempt last year was denied. Gwendolyn responded that a letter is scheduled for April of this year. She also mentioned that despite the first missed opportunity, we did receive some generous gifts from donors in December, including four donations over $1,000.

Next Meeting

March 17, 2017 at 12 PM PT/1 PM MT/2 PM CT/3 PM ET

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sharon Tani on 2/16/17. Revised on 3/2/17.


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