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Agenda, RUSA Budget and Finance Committee, March 30, 2017

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RUSA Budget and Finance Committee Agenda
Thursday, March 30, 2017

11 PT / 12 MT / 1 CT / 2 ET

1. Call to order, introductions – Chair, CHRIS LEBEAU (5 minutes)
Committee Members: Chris LeBeau, Alesia McManus, Barry Trott, Beth German, Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger, Kirk MacLeod, Amber Prentiss, Kendra Nan Skellen, Joseph Yue, Beth Boatright, Greg Fleming, Rebecca Jackson, Micquel Little, Dan Mack


2. Volunteer to take minutes (2 minutes)

3. Approval of MW2017 minutes (2 minutes)

4. Budget Performance Reports - February 2017 – HORNUNG (5 minutes)
    OUTCOME: Information / overview on the status of the budget 

5. New Business/Action Items (30 minutes):

    a. Discuss costs and cost saving measures the office has implemented

         1. Reductions for events

                  a. RUSA Social - budget impact

                  b. Awards discussion - impact on budget

         2. Payments to course instructors

         3. Complimentary registrations and travel expense

         4. Copying at Conference

         5. Interest Groups -recruitment strategy - budget implications

                   Free membership? free for one year?
                   Requirement to join RUSA from day 1 to participate.
                   IGs - same rules as sections and committees or not?

          6. Guide to Policies and Procedures, Chapter 3: Budgets - revisions

5 b. Other new business

           1. Fundraising  or raising funds -

           2. Requests for funding

6. Share the FY2018 budget (10 minutes)

          OUTCOME: Information / overview on the status of the FY2018 budget projections

7. Agenda building for next meeting – ALL (5 minutes)

8. Next Meeting:

9. Adjourn


rev. 3-22-17