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Responsible parties

Fall 2016

Provide input on issues to include, volunteer to write sections, begin drafting

All government relations committee members

December 2016

Reach out to ACRL committee/section chairs, leaders (via acrleads@ala.org list) explaining process and that they will have opportunity to contribute. Ask them to consider including discussion time on their MW agendas, if they feel appropriate. Indicate specific instructions/details will be forthcoming.

Gov’t relations chair/co-chair,

January 2017

Seek input from key ACRL committee/section chairs, ACRL leaders (via acrleads@ala.org list), and the ALA Washington Office. Give deadline of Feb. 15. (Note: Could seek input by circulating draft for reaction, or not. Could seek nomination of issues by providing structured format - as in the style guide.)

Gov’t relations chair/co-chair

January 2017

Seek input from ALA Legislative Assembly at ALA MW meeting.

Gov’t relations chair is formal ACRL representative to Leg Assembly

February 15 – March 26, 2017

Revise sections, add new issues (if necessary)

All government relations committee members

March 27, 2017

Submit penultimate draft to staff liaison for copyediting

Gov’t relations chair/co-chair

April 3, 2017

Submit final agenda, with Board action form, to ACRL office for virtual vote

Gov’t relations chair/co-chair

April 7-11, 2017

ACRL Board pre-vote discussion period

Staff post agenda and action form to ALA Connect


ACRL Board voting period

Staff set poll in ALA Connect


Board decision communicated to Govt’ relations chair/co-chair



Promote approved ACRL legislative agenda (2 weeks before NLLD) through standard ACRL communication channels

Staff liaison

May 2-3, 2017 

National Library Legislative Day, Washington, DC