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Sponsorship Task Force Charge

Here's the charge for the Sponsorship Task Force that I was asked to write, reflecting feedback I've gotten, and now put into Connect so it can be public & archived. I need a motion & a second that we vote on this and then I can construct the poll.


LITA Sponsorship Task Force charge



The LITA Sponsorship Task Force will review existing LITA documentation related to sponsorship (such as policies or budgets), research applicable ALA policies, and produce new documentation which enables LITA to effectively pursue sponsorships.



The Forum Assessment Task Force reported that vendors are eager to sponsor Forum (or specific parts of it), but we don’t offer them the menu of options or ongoing relationship which would allow for that transaction. Other committees have also inquired about sponsorship for their products; to wit, Education (online CE), PPC (preconferences), and Membership (Happy Hour). Questions which have arisen include:

  • How do we coordinate and centralize outreach and plan our asks?

    • Who is the contact person for sponsors?

    • When, if ever, does it make sense for a volunteer to be a contact?

    • How do we honor vendors’ interest in an ongoing relationship - which requires a staff contact - while leveraging relationships and contacts that volunteers may have?

    • When multiple groups are pursuing sponsorship, how do we prevent oversaturating particular sponsors with asks?

  • How much does it actually cost for LITA to provide various things that others might wish to sponsor?

  • What potentially sponsorable things do we do, and which LITA groups work on them?

  • What can we give sponsors in exchange for their dollars?

  • Notwithstanding the above, what are we willing to provide? For example, possible tensions include:

    • Vendors’ interest in attendee lists and LITA’s interest in privacy.

    • Vendors’ interest in sponsored content and members’ potential discomfort with it


  • A sponsorship policy, to cover:

    • The procedure for soliciting sponsors;

    • What members & units are and are not empowered to do in sponsor negotiations;

    • Anything else that seems necessary, in the Task Force’s judgment.

  • A sponsor prospectus, which lays forth:

    • LITA events, items, etc. which may be sponsored (see the Context section for examples);

    • Dollar amounts required;

    • What the sponsor receives in return.

  • A list of our current known sponsor contacts.

  • A plan for assessing the success of this policy.


These should be delivered to the board.


The Task Force will commence by spring 2017 and run through Midwinter of 2018. It will present a preliminary report for feedback no later than the Board’s fall 2017 meeting, and submit its final report at least two weeks in advance of Midwinter 2018.



5-7 people, ideally including current or recent members of:

  • FAC;

  • Forum Planning or Forum Assessment;

  • Education

  • Program Planning

  • Membership Development


The Executive Director will be the staff liaison.