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Pre-vote discussion: 2/16/17–2/22/17 revised RBMS Guidelines Competencies for Special Collections Professionals

The Board is invited to review the Board action form and accompanying documents regarding the revised RBMS Guidelines: Competencies for Special Collections Professionals.

Please use threaded discussions to post feedback regarding the proposed action during the discussion period of 2/16/17–2/22/17.

Following the discussion period, the Board will vote on the revised Guidelines via virtual vote during 2/23/17–3/1/17, and confirm its vote at the 2017 Annual Conference.

Cheryl Middleton's picture

This is a well researched and written document.  From my outside RBMS perspective it seems comprehensive and aligns with the values and competencies that our special collections and archival faculty demonstrate at OSU Libraries & Press.

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I agree with Cheryl. This is a well-written and comprehensive document. I think this revision is well done.

Prof. Caroline Fuchs
Learning Design Librarian
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Emily Daly's picture

I agree.  This is an extremely thorough treatment of an important aspect of special collections.  My understanding is that this group's work has been well received in both assessment and special collections communities, and there have been numerous opportunities for the competencies to be shared and discussed. 

Emily Daly
Head, Assessment & User Experience Department
Librarian for Education
Duke University, Perkins Library
Box 90175
Durham, NC 27708-0175
919.660.5879 (ph) 919.660.5957 (fax)