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Feburary 2017 committee meeting (teleconference)

Tags: Agenda

RUSA Awards Coordinating Committee
Monthly Teleconference Meeting

Feb 14, 2107 2 pm CT - 3pm CT


Dial: 866-714-4933
Passcodes: 76286198

Tentative Agenda

00:00 confirmation of agenda

00:05 review and prioritize remaining committee projects

  • formulate steps to propose a more sustainable infrastructure to support division's recognition activities
  • develop strategy to ensure all awards committee will have a manual on file before Annual
  • draft committee response to reorganization proposal
  • update ACC entry in RUSA Guide to Policy and Procedures
  • develop new award policy and update procedures
  • compile orientation packet for awards committees within section and division

00:55 any other business

01:00 adjournment