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2017 January Executive Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2017 January Executive Board Meeting Agenda

Saturday, January 21st, 8:30 am EST

1. Call to Order

Action: None

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

8:30 (5m)


Meeting began at 8:30 am. All executive board members were present.


2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Action: Approve agenda for the January 2017 Executive Board meeting. Approval of minutes from the December 2016 Executive Board meeting. (Link:http://connect.ala.org/node/261049)

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica


8:35 (5m)


Ana Elisa adds 5 minute item on the emerging leaders working lunch. After Liz, before Gina.


3. Treasurer’s Report and Budget

Action: Update from the Treasurer

Item Facilitator: Liz DeCoster


Supporting Information: Liz will provide her monthly update on the Round Table’s finances.

8:40 (5m)


Updated numbers attached to agenda -  admin budget and endowment. We continue to grow. Revenues continue to be dues and donations. We budgeted conservatively because RT has been growing. There must be a limit to that growth. IUT overhead - mandatory chargeback to ALA of personal dues revenue.


Endowment budget looking good. David Isaak asks - can we still take money from the endowment? We can take 5% of over the last 20 quarters (the net rolling). Ann says last year we budgeted to withdraw $3,000. But this was not the full 5%, which would have been around $6,000. David asks because, with regards to Stonewall, we need to decide whether we’re using endowment funds to pay for that.


Ann Symons expresses frustration with knowing when year end results come in. She wrote to Susan Hildreth about this. We want our year end results. Our expenses exceeded our revenues. Ann suggests we just go straight to Susan (or whomever is in her position) when we want our numbers. Ann asks Liz DeCoster to explore what the expenses were that exceeded our revenues. She also asked Keith whether the $3,000 had been transferred. David Isaak asks who we ask to do that transfer? Our liaison? The endowment board?


Liz DeCoster asks what else she should add to the financial documents. Ann Symons suggests that we have a dedicated Connect page for financials. David Isaak suggests a special folder on Connect. Ana Elisa De Campos Salles says it’s a good idea to have the financials be more visible.


Should we be voting on our budget during this meeting? No, ALA will contact us about that. Nevertheless we should start working on our ‘18 budget. Matt Ciszek says that we used to treat the account like a checking account, instead of doing actual budget projection.


4. Emerging Leader Lunch


Supporting information: our project was approved (creation of an LGBTRT archive). Lunch was highly productive. Cost - they’ll be asked to do a poster session, and printing costs money. Can they be reimbursed? Yes. How much should it be? Matt Ciszek motions that we budget for $250. Ana Elisa De Campos Salles seconds. All in favor. Motion passes unanimously. Ann Symons mentions that ALA’s archive is at University of Illinois. They’re also going to speak to people that have institutional memory of the RT.


We want a digital archive. Collect oral histories etc and physical items and add digital surrogates to the archive (3 year process). First they need to identify sources, materials, identify a platform, and second, they would make the recordings.


Ann Symons asks if in 2020 we will have some kind of written program or publication surrounding this. Ana Elisa De Campos Salles mentioned finding a location for the materials when they’re done. Ana Elisa said that they want permission to create a Google account to start collecting this information immediately. David suggests they work with the web group to do this. Ann Symons asks if we have any materials in the Illinois archive. Yes, David Isaak says. Which emerging leader is in Illinois? Lucas. If he needs to make a trip, David suggests we cover the travel. Let’s put this project as a line item in the budget.


4. Bylaws Draft Vote

Action: Discussion and Vote

Item Facilitators: Gina Persichini

Vote: Yes

Supporting Information: The Board will vote on the latest draft of the Bylaws document.


8:50 (10m)


5. RT Councilor Report

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Ann will cover three items:


1. Executive Director Qualifications - Council will vote on whether or not ALA will require an MLS for the next executive director


RT Discussion


Vote: - ?


There have been significant comments by both members and units of ALA about this issue.  The RUSA Board discussed this issue at their December meeting and the majority of the Board members support YALSA’s recommendation that the MLIS be a preferred, but not required, qualification in the job description for the next ALA ED, that the applicant be able to demonstrate familiarity with the current library landscape and its values, and that relevant nonprofit and/or association credentials (such as the Certified Association Executive) be strongly considered.  This issue was also discussed by the LITA Board.  Their consensus seemed to be to change “required" to "preferred" or "strongly preferred."  LITA Board members also expressed support for applicant familiarity with  1. ALA & Library values, environment, and priorities, and  2. experience with directing nonprofit or professional associations.







2. Rethinking ALA Conference:   The ALA Conference Committee is seeking input to their proposal to remodel ALA conference:http://connect.ala.org/node/261211  -


Conference Remodel Proposal:  http://connect.ala.org/files/ALA%20Annual%20Conference%20Remodel%20Proposal_0.pdf


A resolution will come to Council in Chicago, Annual Conference 2017.  


Discussion:  Do we want to send input?


3. Gun Control Resolution -   Discussion has continued since Annual conference. The latest draft is the 2nd Discussion Draft.  http://connect.ala.org/node/256035


This issue will be discussed by the Working Group which will bring a resolution to ALA Council through the Committee on Legislation and the Intellectual Freedom Committee.  Any vote taken will mostly likely be at Council III on the Tuesday morning.  


RT Discussion


Vote - ?  RT Councilor will convey GLBTRT’s comments on the issue during Council discussion.


4. Ruth Gordon Memorial.

9:10 (20m)


Minutes: Educational requirements for the executive director - has already generated much discussion. Peter Coyl has shown there are arguments both ways. Ann Symons will vote with the RT’s preference. Ann thinks we should give the committee as much latitude as possible. “Preferred but not necessarily required” perhaps. Peter Coyl asks how many people are chosen that do not have library degrees. None, but that shouldn’t preclude it from happening. Matt Ciszek has researched the qualifications; part of the problem is that we’re an association of not only librarians but our employers. Other professional organizations typically select one of their own for the head. What he would like to see is if we make this a “preferred”, they must have significant library executive experience and share our values. We can add more language to the “preferred” to make this clear. David Isaak would prefer a librarian to be the head, but requiring it would limit the pool from which we could draw. Five people in the room would prefer it to be a librarian. We seem to be split. (informal show of hands). Jennifer Maguire-Wright says that we could perhaps bring somebody in from a non-profit organization that could run ALA better than a librarian might. Matt Ciszek - do we want to marginalize the MLIS further? Ann Symons - people can have the right values, but the wrong skills.


Next item: rethinking ALA conference. Peter Coyl talked about this, so we can skip it.


Gun Control Resolution: Matt Ciszek says it’s going to come back to council. Ann Symons is going to huddle with her cohorts, come up with a decision and vote. Megan Drake says about rethinking conference - ODLOS is going to be talking about that with the advisory committee. Ann Symons, as an aside, mentions that the last couple of ODLOS reports made no mention of GLBTRT. Megan will clarify that. We’ll bring in Megan for the next RT conference call.


Ruth Gordon Memorial Resolution: This was led by ALSC. RT is supporting and seconding it.


Matt Ciszek has one more thing that’s coming before council: adding office of equity and inclusion to the strategic planning documents.



6. GLBTRT Planned Giving Options

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons and Sheila O’Donnell

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will have a preliminary discussion around planned giving for the Round Table, centered around the ALA Planned Giving Toolkit.


9:20 (10m)


Minutes: Ann Symons - ALA has a robust planned giving system. They have a toolkit. GLBTRT could have a chartered member program. Sheila O’Donnell will come to our next meeting to talk about this. Add to February agenda. David Isaak - you can add ALA to your life insurance policy. You can put this kind of thing in your will with relative ease.  


Do we need an ad hoc committee for the planned giving planning? Or do we give it to the fundraising committee?


7. Barbara Gittings Exhibit Planning

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Peter Coyl

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Tracy Baim contacted Peter about potentially creating a tribute to Barbara Gittings at ALA Annual 2017, the idea being that we recreate the Gittings display from the ALA conference in Dallas. The board will discuss.


9:30 (10m)


Minutes: David Isaak - Tracy emailed and offered to recreate the Dallas Hug a Homosexual booth at ALA 2017. She will underwrite the cost; all she’s asking for is the space. Matt Ciszek - sounds great. Maybe we can ask her to repurpose whatever she makes for the 50th anniversary. Jennifer Mcguire-Wright: maybe add it to our archive. Deb Sica - we should have this in the exhibit hall like the original, which means working with the conference committee. But we have to make sure it’s in the right place or nobody will go. Maybe we can co-opt members to do shifts as a means of membership engagement. Can it be a fundraiser? David Isaak - if we’re doing a recreation, it has to use the original title. If it’s a fundraiser, we can repurpose it with a more modern title. Ann Symons - if we’re doing this, we want to make it as high profile as possible. Next step is to go to Mary Ghikas to ask how to get this done. Deb Sica - maybe not do it as a fundraiser yet, unless a vendor would sponsor a hug. Matt Ciszek - maybe we can do it with Windy City Media in Chicago? Ann Symons- could it be in conjunction with a display of books about our history? Peter Coyl moves that we move ahead with the recreation. Ana Elisa De Campos Salles seconds. Motion passes unanimously.


8. RT Advocacy - Next Steps

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will discuss encouraging libraries to display some version of the “Open to All” signage in their physical plants. Example text: “We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders” and "We stand with you. You are safe here.”


9:40 (10m)


Minutes: Ann Symons - She and David live in Portland. Signs in windows everywhere “we welcome all races,” etc. She wants to expand the ALA advocacy “open to all” to “open to all; welcome to all”.. Who’s our advocacy chair? Tess? Can we pass this onto her? Matt Ciszek - it’s a great idea to make something that other libraries can repurpose. We’ll just pass this to advocacy.


9. 50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee Charge

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: David Isaak and Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: At the June GLBTRT Executive Board meeting at Annual 2016 the board motioned to talk about an ad-hoc committee charge for a 50th Anniversary at our Midwinter meeting. A draft of that charge follows.


“Charge: Plan a large-scale celebratory event to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the GLBTRT to be held at the ALA Annual Conference in 2020. Work with the GLBTRT Executive Board to determine costs and potential funding from ALA, GLBTRT members, and external sponsors. Identify and invite special guests to the event. Develop and execute promotion plan. Write event program and possible related publication for print. Plan smaller lead-up events in years leading up to 2020. Support GLBTRT Emerging Leader Project Team in digital photo and oral history collection events at ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings in 2017-2020.”


“Composition: The committee consists of 5 to 7 members, a board liaison, and is led by a chair.”


The board will discuss the following:


-When should the ad-hoc committee form? Right after Annual 2017?

Minutes: Ann Symons would like us to appoint the committee in the spring and announce it at the membership meeting at Annual. Deb Sica - do we appoint people? Peter Coyl - put a call on the email list to find interested parties. Deb Sica will announce at the social and they can come talk to her there. Ann Symons - maybe we can find some people that are local (Chicago)? David - can we recruit a chair? People need to be aware that the appointments are until 2020. If people need to cycle off, we’ll appoint replacements. Ann Symons - two people as co-chairs. Matt Ciszek - have one be local to Chicago. Ann Symons - ask Bob or Kristin for a list of all the members in the Chicago area. David Isaak - can we remove ad-hoc from the committee name? What should they be called? Golden Jubilee Anniversary Committee?

-How long should the appointments last? We may want to allow some turnover before 2020. Does term length need to be included in the committee charge?

-Potential chair or co-chairs? Potential board liaison?

-Even though the committee is ad-hoc, can we take the term "Ad-hoc" out of the official committee name?

-Planning for the 50th is a lot of work, we may want sub-committees. Do we need to include that in the committee charge? Can we empower the committee to make that call?

-Can the Board talk about costs and budgets before we actually form the committee?

-Who decides on ticketed vs free event (Board or Committee) and when? If ticketed, how can the Board and Committee facilitate opportunities for everyone to attend?  

-Do we want a print publication to coincide with the event or will the online GLBTRT archive website created by the EL's be sufficient?


10:00 (20m)


Minutes (cont.): David Isaak - do we want to get something in the budget going forward? Talk about that in February? Ann Symons - are we going to have a board liaison? Deb Sica - yes. Matt Ciszek - we can’t give the committee a blank check on financial decisions - we would need to vote. Should it be a ticketed event? Matt Ciszek is willing to start a fund to offset the burden on those that have financial need for a $50 or $75 ticket. Ann Symons - how do you make that determination? Matt Ciszek - perhaps base it on student status, employment status.


David Isaak - should there be any changes to the charge?


Ann Symons - we want the chair to report to us often. Deb Sica - we can set aside time at all of our calls for a report back.


Composition: 5 to 7 members. 2 co-chairs. Leave the question of sub-committees open.


David Isaak moves that we create the 50th anniversary committee with the amended charge. Committee term for three years. They must attend the event. Deb Sica seconds. Motion passes unanimously.


10. Round Table Name Change

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will discuss whether or not the “GLBT” acronym adequately describes makeup of the Round Table membership. Possible replacement names will be proposed.


Minutes:  Deb Sica is inspired by how REFORMA is named. Bring it to the membership meeting, then to the listserv? Matt Ciszek - it has to go to the committee on organization. Options - Rainbow Roundtable; Pride Roundtable; Stonewall Roundtable. These types of names are inclusive and avoid the alphabet soup. Ann Symons brought a list of names of all LGBT advocacy groups in the US. Ann and Deb - makes sense to change name at the 50th anniversary. We should vote on pursuing possibilities of a name change. Moved, seconded, passed unanimously.

10:10 (10m)


11. GLBTRT Awards - Closed Session

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Peter Coyl

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will discuss the various GLBTRT awards for 2017.


Minutes: Recipients were selected for the GLBTRT Award for Political Activism, the Newlen-Symons Award for Excellence in Serving the GLBT Community Award, and the Larry Romans Mentorship Award.


10:20 (10m)


12. Adjournment

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No


Minutes: Meeting adjourned at 12 pm.


10:30 (end)

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