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February 15 2017 Quarterly Reporting Form


Reporting Period*:

February 15

Name of Committee or Task Force*:

Liaisons for National Organizations

Priority Group Area *:

Partnershps (PGC VI)

Current Chair(s)*:

Lisa Kropp and Soraya Silverman-Montano

Chair's Email*:


Co-Chair's email (if applicable):


Incoming Chair (if known):


Committee/Task Force Members (names only)*:

Allison Santos
Anna Haase Krueger
Carol Edwards
Erin Nguyen
Galey Pulley
Hyunjin Han
Jackie Cassidy
Maren Ostergard
Patricia McLaughlin
Patricia Arnold
Rachael Stein
Rhonda Pai
Sophie Kenney

Per the Division Leadership Manual, the committee is expected to annually review its function statement to ensure the charge meets the responsibilities of the priority group area, recent changes to the professional environment, and facilitates the implementation of the ALSC Strategic Plan. When did you last review it with your committee? Note: Recommendations for changes should be submitted to Organization & Bylaws. :

February 15 Reporting Period

Summarize work accomplished, decisions reached, and follow-up action needed (objectives, timetable, and assignments) since your last report. Please remember not to include confidential or sensitive information.*:

We have a survey on partnerships active now, and will close it by February 18 to gain information on what ALSC members are looking for from the LNO committee

Working on a webinar series proposal to education committee

Updated our monthly blog post schedule to run through July 2017

Talked about process for updating Charge and Committee Name to Building External Partnerships Committee.

Working on creating "elevator speeches" to share via YouTube on the hows and whys of partnering in youth services

Please do not copy a.../Advocacy:

elevator speeches to share via YouTube on the "hows and whys" of partnering and partnerships.

Webinar series would also touch upon importance of advocating within partnerships

Please do not copy a.../Education:

working on a webinar series to launch later this year. Have to reach out to education committee.

Please do not copy a.../Access to Library Services:

This more organically falls under the umbrella of our committee, and is often touched upon in individual blog posts by our members each month

An ALSC core value is collaboration. Please describe collaborations you have initiated or would like to initiate with other ALSC or ALA committees to help further your work. Please list the desired outcomes you envision from this/these collaboration(s). What are the next steps you have set to accomplish this? What assistance do you need in taking this forward?:

We spoke about reaching out to the Everyday Advocacy task force to talk about some sort of collaboration.

Partnering with many of ALSCs committees helps and falls under partnerships - Early Childhood committee and ECRR2, Education Committee, school/public library partnership, etc...

Please describe activities you would like to pursue for future education topics, publications, or online resources (such as toolkits) to be developed based on the committee’s work? What are the next steps you have set to accomplish this? What assistance do you need in taking this forward? Please be as detailed as possible.:

Beyond the webinar series, we are working on revamping the very outdated list of organizations on the current LNO ALSC website to make it more of a living document of national and perhaps state level association and organizations that will serve as starting points towards partnerships.

We also spoke about an online partner toolbox that can be built around the webinar series, and added to as new sessions of the webinar series expand. Examples would be:
Three part series on building partnerships at the national and local level. Success stories and examples? Finding organizations and contacts? Establishing and maintaining relationships? What are some ideas you might like to present about and who is interested in participating?
How to connect with local chapters
How to assess needs – community needs assessment, census data?
How to adjust when things don’t mesh? Contracts?
How to approach partners?
Partnerships are a two way street
Create templates - other successful techniques to share
How to make managerial/top level connections versus lower level/ground
Have other members share their successes
Content creation: resource sharing
Quality vs quantity, outcomes vs outputs, tell stories
Reach out on listserv, tell us about you successes, Children and Libraries

If you could recommend a research topic, pertaining to the realm of your committee’s work, to an academic colleague, what would you request s/he research and why? (In other words, what gaps in research do you see in this particular area so that ALSC can share with the Association for Library and Information Science Educators and/or help develop ALSC's own research agenda?):

Looking at the outcomes, not just the outputs, of long term partnerships. Are communities where strong partnerships exist between the public library and other organizations that serve youth stronger and more resiliant and sustainable than a community without those partnerships in place?

It would be interesting to do something with Headstart, Public Libraries, and ECRR2 as a partnership to measure both outputs and outcomes... changes in parental behavior, library usage, reading readiness skills increased, etc...

If you are a virtual committee or task force, what is your primary method for holding meetings or communicating?:


When you communicate electronically, how are you preserving the work of the committee for the next committee?*:

Posting minutes in committee's ALA Connect space., Saving emails in folder to forward to next chair., Google Drive Folder

Did you attend or watch the online committee/task force orientation? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms.*:


If you are the chair of a virtual committee/task force, have you reviewed the resources available in the Best Practices for Virtual Committee Work wiki? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms*:

Not applicable (primarily meet face-to-face)