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MSC Conference Call Agenda 2017-02-13

Metadata Standards Committee
Conference Call
February 13, 2017
Noon EST / 9am PST

Call in details

Notetaker: Hui Zhang


  1. Work on draft of new charge
    1. Original charge, for reference

Meeting Notes:

- Goals for New Charge:
.Obtain feedback from groups we give guidance/feedback too
.Develop and maintain frameworks for evaluating metadata standards
.Outreach/educating??? Do we want this in scope or not?
.Definitely expand from bibliographic info to other types
.Get metadata quality and accessibility in there somewhere - what the community needs. (make it user-centred charge/language)

- Committee members discuss and work together to revise the proposed charges made by Erik, in below is the revised charge agreed by all participants.

The ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee will play a leadership role in developing and maintaining guidelines and principles for evaluating, adopting, and applying metadata standards. To assist the ALA community in making informed and user-focused decisions relating to metadata, the Committee will review and evaluate standards relevant to cultural heritage institutions, engage in outreach and education on metadata issues, and maintain liaison relationships with concerned units within ALA and with relevant outside agencies.