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Online Board Meeting: Consent Agenda, Budget Committee Recommendations

I am calling to order this meeting of the ALSC Board of Directors, for a consent agenda.

I move that we accept the following recommendations from the Budget Committee. 

Please indicate your presence to establish a quorum by offering a second, and indicating your approval of the motion, or a request for discussion.

This consent agenda will close at end of business day, Pacific Time, Tuesday February 7th.  The agenda will pass if a quorum is established and the motion passes with no request for discussion.  If there is no quorum we will extend the deadline until a quorum is reached.

Recommendations from the Budget Committee

1) As follow up from the Advocacy & Legislation Committee Board Action Request at Midwinter, we approved funding as requested, and asked the Budget Committee to recommend a funding source. The Budget Committee recommends that the Advocacy & Legislation committee National Library Legislative Day funding for up to $1,500 comes from Friends of ALSC funds.

2) The following was inadvertently omitted from the Budget Committee Recommendations that accompanied the Preliminary Proposed FY18 Budget (which we passed); the following is already accounted for within that budget: 

The Budget committee discussed an anticipated request from the ALA Development Office for funding a division-wide communication initiative from the ALA Development office that will look at an organizational wide cohesive donor giving plan. We anticipate the request will come to each division to support costs for a consultant. The Budget committee recommends allocating operating funds for between $1,500 to $2,000, should the request come forward. 

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I second the motion


Paula Holmes

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Present. I second and approve the motion.

Jenna Nemec-Loise
Division Councilor
Association for Library Service to Children


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Approve the motion.

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approve the motion. 
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Kay Weisman

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Approve the motion

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Approve the motion.

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Approve the motion.

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Approve the motion.
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Approve the motion.

Doris Gebel


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Approve the motion.

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I approve the motion.