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Pre- MidWinter 2017 minutes: mostly program prep

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Sorry for the delay on minutes!

Our committee had a brief Zoom meeting on Wednesday, January 11th. The notes are below. Much thanks to Carolyn Larson who provided some great insight into program questions! In this meeting, we planned out our MidWinter Program (a discussion forum entitled "Alternative Services for Job Seeking Patrons")

-Respectfully submitted on January 27, 2017


Minutes for 1/11/17 mtg

Present: Julie Robinson, Jennifer Wilhelm, Rachel Minkin (notes)


  • Introductions of us, including Carolyn


  • Introductions of attendees (if there’s not a lot? How many would be too many?)


  • Who/ What our committee is and why we think that’s important to librarianship?


  • Here are some things we are doing:

o    Julie: you are using Skype, right?

o    Jen: resume review and information guides on website

o    Rachel: support a small career services collection, directed at undergraduates and community patrons (mostly younger community patrons). Maintain subscription to Vault Career Insider (subscription service), and as part of Michigan eLibrary (http://mel.org/jobs), access to Jobs Gateway, a series of job/ career related databases


  • Who’s asking? How do you identify these patrons? Do you have formal outreach programs/ services for these patrons?

o    Carolyn says “ LC  gets a very wide range --  from  folks looking for relatively high end  jobs, folks who’ve purposely taken time out to raise families to folks who’ve lost jobs and appear to be struggling,  and via mail, many people who are incarcerated and soon to be released.  In contrast, we get relatively few from unemployed recent graduates. We also get related questions about people who want to start their own businesses or start a home-based online job.”

o    Carolyn goes on to say “Primarily when they tell us, either in an email or in-person:  from a relatively straightforward question requesting examples of resumes to questions about legitimacy of a particular company offering online jobs, questions about how to find a job in a particular industry, type of work a particular job might entail, etc.”

o    Carolyn: “LC doesn’t have any formal outreach.  We do have  fairly extensive web guides on  Career Assistance linked from  http://www.loc.gov/rr/business/beonline/beohome.html

o    Jen: marketing on twitter/ facebook (social media) and flyers for guides

o    Julie: part of outreach but not in the way we’re thinking!


  • What are we seeing in our libraries? What kinds of questions and situations?


  • What could we doing more/ better? (Is this too masochistic?) “If you had the budget and the staff, what would you do more? Better? Pie in the sky!”



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