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Youth Council Caucus Notes for 1/22/2017

Youth Council Caucus notes from January 22, 2017

Attendees: Liz Philippi Trixie Dantis Amber Creger Sarah Hill YALSA president Todd Krueger Diane R. Chen Kathy Hicks-Brooks Jenna Nemec-Loise

AASL updates:

1.  New learning standards and program guidelines to be launched  at the November 2017 National Conference in Phoenix

2.  35 state ESSA workshops conducted  through Affiliates between July 2016 and January 2017, focused on building advocacy skills as state and local implementation plans move forward. Five more are scheduled.

3.  Follow-up on Equity Resolutions passed in Orlando

4.  Emphasis on intellectual freedom as challenges arise at both the state and local levels, working closely with the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom, Office for Library Advocacy, and Public Awareness Office

5.  Emphasis on the need for a certified school librarian in every school to teach critical information, digital, media, and news literacy skills

6. Tribute resolution for Emily Sheketoff.

ALSC updates: Strategic planning 2018-2020 new and different direction.

Three Spheres: Transforming ALSC Transforming Chidlren's Librarianship and Transforming Communities

Three strategic areas: Advocacy, diversity & Inclusion, and Leadership & Education Kathryn Deiss consultant on strategic planning. Very member driven. Leadership & ALSC feedback now trying to develop objectives

Ellen Fader named as ALSC Distinguished Service award winner

Digital Media Award Plan

Diversity in ALSC Task Force provided very sobering results. Will use these results to incorporate in new strategic plan.

Summer Reading and Learning Task Force has submitted resolutions.

Memorial Resolution for Ruth Gordon

YALSA 3 year organizational plan: 1. transforming Leading the Transformation to Teen Services 2. advocacy 3. funder and partner development component

Position Paper by Mark K Shelton on privacy on FBI surveillance. OIF is also involved in this. Organization wide definition of Literacy is needed. ODLOS has been informed during the AASL board meeting.

New Items to discuss for Youth Council Caucus:

1) Future of Youth Council Caucus.

a) How can we best get new items out to existing councilors.

b) Timing or scheduling of the YCC conflicts. Diversity meeting simultaneously meets. We represent many members. Diversity if an important issue to youth librarians and we need no-conflict times to attend and participate. The Chapter Council forum occurs immediately after at 12:30. Let's get all caucuses in the scheduler.  

c) There is a connect page with open membership to the YCC. Anyone can request to join.

d) History of YCC - attendance issues. We will get more background information from Andrew Medlar and Sara Kelly Johns.

e) In Orlando we invited people to council suite for Meet & Greet.  Is that more inviting? Going to try to use the Council Suite bring a friend with Prizes, food, and possible beverages donated. When should we schedule? Maybe early evening before dinners.

f) Do more PR to invite greater attendance and participation in YCC. Social Media. State in all communications that YCC is open to everybody. We listen as well as share updates.

2) Election Upcoming. Share youth librarians interested in council. YALSA and AASL have lists of voter candidates on their page.  The list of AASL members who spoke at the Candidate Forum is listed on the Youth Council Caucus (a community that anyone is welcome to join on connect).

Concerns for YCC.

1) Today the location was too far away from the council chambers instead of being in the council chambers. This inhabited attendance.

2) The YCC was on the official schedule. The Diversity Councilors held a meeting again at the same time and in the council chambers, but it was not on the schedule. Youth councilors are also interested in diversity issues and want to eliminate conflicts in scheduling so there is joint participation.