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ACRL Arts Virtual Midwinter Discussion Forum

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, US/Eastern

Please join us for the ACRL Arts Virtual Midwinter Discussion Forum on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, at 11 AM PST / 1 PM CST / 2 PM EST. 

URL: https://acrl.webex.com/acrl/onstage/g.php?MTID=efe3fbcd2452c041ae5fdbfc9215d0d54

Our exciting discussions are: 

Collaborative Design: Solving Undergraduate Library Navigation
Presenter: Andi Back, Fine Arts and Humanities Librarian, University of Kansas

Wayfinding, a term when used in the context of architecture, refers to the individual’s experience of orienting and choosing a path within a physical space. Reconsidering the existing academic library space through the concept of wayfinding is a means to improve undergraduate students’ ability to not only navigate the library space, but also locate the resources and services they need.

This presentation will highlight a collaborative wayfinding project at the University of Kansas Art and Architecture Library, between a librarian and an undergraduate design class. Rather than conduct a more traditional library orientation session, the librarian turned a request for instruction into an opportunity to use students’ classroom knowledge to teach them information literacy and improve their library. The librarian and the public services staff hoped to use the wayfinding method to eliminate two main obstacles for successful use of the library: difficulty locating materials on the shelf and (the need to ask directional questions. The students’ suggestions, benefits, challenges, and outcomes of the project will be highlighted.

By collaborating with the undergraduate design students, the library staff will ensure that the library environment is reflective of the physical information seeking behaviors of undergraduates in the arts, while also teaching the student participants about the resources and services of the library.

Evolving the Hometown Map: documenting and preserving student work from the School of Architecture
Presenter: Gilda Santana, Head, Architecture Library / Art & Art History, University of Miami


The Hometown Map Project http://scholar.library.miami.edu/hometownmaps/ is a joint project between the University of Miami Libraries and the School of Architecture.  All phases of the Hometown Map were made possible through the creative and technical contributions of librarians, data curators, cartographers, programmers, communications staff, administrators, and architecture students and faculty. 


A vehicle for showcasing the creative talent of our student body, the Hometown Map also underscores the international diversity inherent to both the School of Architecture and the University of Miami. A legacy, undergraduate, studio assignment that dates back to 1997, it has its roots in the tradition of hand drawing, however, because of technological advancements in mapping tools, greater access to electronic resources in general, and modifications to the exercise over time, the project continues to evolve; its evolution articulated in perpetuity through contemporary, graphic interpretations of the universally understood theme of hometown.  


This presentation will demonstrate the evolution of the project by deconstructing the layers of intellectual, administrative, and technical scaffolding that led up to its most current manifestation as an interactive global map.