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2017 ALSC Board of Directors Agenda and Documents


Posted here are the ALSC Board documents for the upcoming 2017 Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, GA. For more information about the Midwinter Meeting, including meeting times and locations, please visit the Conference Scheduler https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/ or the ALSC website at: http://www.ala.org/alsc/confevents/alscmidwinter.

Board Documents include:

Draft Agenda
ALA Board Liaison Talking Points

Consent Agenda

DOC 4  Approval of Board minutes from Annual 2016
DOC 5  Review of Fall Executive Committee 2016 minutes
DOC 6  President's Report (Immediate Past President)
DOC 7  Vice-President's Report
DOC 8  Division Councilor's Report
DOC 9  Emerging Leader's Report
DOC 10 Executive Director's Management Report
DOC 11 Candidate Slate for 2017 Election 
DOC 12 Continuing Education Report
DOC 13 Communications Report
DOC 14 Membership Report
DOC 15 Projects & Partnerships Report
DOC 16 Publications Report
DOC 17 Web Activities Report
DOC 18 Committee December Quarterly Reports (note: 66 pages)
DOC 19 Confirm Major Board Actions passed electronically
DOC 20 Upcoming Meetings and Conferences
DOC 21 Washington Office Report

Discussion Documents

DOC 22   Diversity Within ALSC Task Force Update
DOC 23a Draft Strategic Plan
DOC 23ci Review of Existing ALSC Initiatives, Projects, and External Relationships
DOC 23cii Appendix A: Exam of Initiatives, Projects, and External Relationships
DOC 23ciii ALSC 2015-2016 Annual Report
DOC 28a Advocacy and Legislation function statement motion
DOC 28b Advocacy and Legislation composition motion
DOC 29a Advocacy and Valuation
DOC 29b Summer Reading and Learning
DOC 29bi Summer Reading and Learning 2016 AC recommendations
DOC 29c  Batchelder e-book pilot
DOC 29d  Student Gift Membership Update (FYI only)
DOC 30ai   FY 16-17-18 Budget Summary
DOC 30aii  FY 16-17-18 Budget Summary Narrative
DOC 30aiii Endowments (note multiple tabs at bottom of the workbook), revised 1/15/17
DOC 30d   Trend Report/Financial Literacy Update
DOC 31     Advocacy & Legislation Board Action Request

DRAFTMidwinterAgendaJan17rev.pdf475.65 KB
Board Talking Points MW 2017.pdf131.71 KB
DOC 4 2016 Annual Conference Board Minutes.pdf533.7 KB
DOC 5 2016 Fall Exec Comm DRAFT MINUTES.pdf485.01 KB
DOC 6 Immediate Past President Report MW17.pdf45.22 KB
DOC 7 ALSC Vice President Report.pdf31.38 KB
DOC 8 Councilor Report MW 17 (REVISED).pdf90.36 KB
DOC 9 Emerging Leaders Report.docx16.89 KB
DOC 10 Management Report.pdf402.55 KB
DOC 11 2017 ALSC Slate of Candidates.pdf108.12 KB
DOC 12 Continuing Education.pdf74.93 KB
DOC 13 Communications Report.pdf292.74 KB
DOC 14 Membership Report.pdf402.98 KB
DOC 15 Projects and Partnerships Report.pdf136.1 KB
DOC 16 Publications Report.pdf61.71 KB
DOC 17 Web Activities Report.pdf322.86 KB
DOC 18 December Committee Quarterly Reports_66pages.pdf410.57 KB
DOC 19 Confirm Major Board Actions Passed Electronically.pdf54.01 KB
DOC 20 Upcoming ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.pdf55.26 KB
DOC 21 Washington Office Report to Youth Divisions.pdf118.39 KB
DOC 22 Diversity Task Force Report.pdf192.22 KB
DOC 23a DRAFT ALSC Strategic Directions Infographic.pdf489.51 KB
DOC 23ci Appendix A-Exam of Initiatives Projects & External Relationships.pdf73.12 KB
DOC 23cii Exam of Initiatives Projects External Relationships.pdf77.89 KB
DOC 23ciii Annual-Report-2015-16.pdf28.9 KB
DOC 28a MOTION-Charge-Advocacy-and-Legislation update 2016NOV21.pdf17.61 KB
DOC 28b MOTION-Virtual committee Advocacy and Leg 2016DEC02.pdf16.92 KB
DOC 29a Valuation and Advocacy TF - Final Report.pdf736.84 KB
DOC 29b Summer Reading and Learning Task Force Recommendations.pdf20.73 KB
DOC 29bi Summer Reading and Learning TF Final Report 2016.pdf258.77 KB
DOC 29c Batchelder ebook TF quarterlyreport.pdf21.87 KB
DOC 29d ALSCStudentGiftMembershipTaskForceRecipientReport.pdf83.07 KB
DOC 30ai Budget Summary FY16close_FY17approved_FY18TBD_Jan16.xls116.5 KB
DOC 30aii Budget Summary Narrative_Jan162017.pdf561.22 KB
DOC 30aiii EndowmentsummaryFY16closeFY17firstqtrRevJan15.xls349.5 KB
DOC 30d Trend Analysis Report Rev 1.10.17(2).pptx582.76 KB
DOC 31 alsc_board_action_frm Advocacy and Legislation NLLD Proposal.pdf226.85 KB