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December Meeting notes

DLS Awards Committee Meeting

December 13, 2016

Present: Rebecca Nowicki, Brandon West, Cynthia Thomes, Lindley Hamal, Lindsay Wharton, Brenda Sevigny-Killen, Theresa Kappus (note-taker)


  • Review of the Google Docs spreadsheet that was filled out by all members prior to the meeting. Spreadsheet evaluated each applicant based on the Awards Criteria.  
  • The committee discussed the candidates with a focus on top three candidates based on the independent ranking of each committee member.  The winner was decided by a unanimous vote.
  • Rebecca and/or Brandon will verify our next steps with DLS leadership and announce the winner at ALA Midwinter.
  • We briefly discussed the need to emphasize the nature of the award in the future, stressing that it is a conference attendance award. We will review the award criteria to see if we can adjust the wording in the solicitation communications to clarify the intent of the award and that it is for individuals currently working in the field of distance librarianship. We may be working on this via email.
  • We decided to have a January meeting after Midwinter. Rebecca will send out a Doodle poll for scheduling.

Meeting adjourned at 10:39PST