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Latino Literacy Now affiliation request

At its meeting during the 21017 ALA Midwinter Meeting the Constitution and Bylaws Committee will review the request from Latino Literacy Now for affiliate status with ALA.  This is an unusual affiliation request because it is not a membership organization.  It does gave a board.

Please see attached documents.

Jim Rettig,

Chair of Constitution & Bylaws Committee

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Jim and Committee:   I have the same observation about LLC not being a membership group. This  criteria is stated in the list of qualifications, yet is it a "requirement" or just the norm of groups that apply for affiliation. This group certainly matches with ALA in purpose and goals and does great work.

Just an observation:  The board seems to serve until "death" or "disengagement." They don't seem to have terms. While we have no requirement for terms to be the case- it could be an issue in maintaining currency and keeping the organization vibrant and moving forward and a worthy affiiliate.

Procedure question: The way this is stated makes it seem that the ALA Executive Board has already approved this and sent it to us for confirmation of that action. Did they really send it to us for a recommendation after approval? Do we recommend to them or just to Council? Sorry for the confusion.

See you in a few days,


Steve Matthews

Currier Library
Foxcroft School
Middleburg, Va. 20118

JoAnne M. Kempf (staff)'s picture

Hi Steve, et al,

The Executive Board reviews these applications on a very basic level. They do not "approve" the application, but refer it to Constitution & Bylaws Committee. The job of the committee is to go through it with a fine-toothed comb to confirm that the organization's mission, bylaws, etc., are in line with ALA's. If the committee determines that there is nothing contradictory, the application is then brought to Council for final approval. If you find something within their documents that indicates a discrepancy you would deny affiliation.

In my history with the committee, this happened once when the Catholic Library Association applied. The C&B committee found a clause their constitution to be  contradictory enough that they denied their affiliation request. However, C&B committee pointed out exactly where the problem was and indicated that if they were to change their constitution to be in line with ours they could resubmit the application for reconsideration. They did so and they are now affiliated with ALA. This was done under the guidance of the late great Norman Horrocks.

See you all on Saturday!