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ALSC Student Gift Membership Task Force 12/16/16 Meeting Notes

ALSC Student Membership Task Force (virtual meeting, Google Hangouts)

iday, December 16, 2016 3:00 p.m. CST


Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome and introductions

a. Appoint volunteer to take minutes/attendance - Andrea

b. Introductions/Attendees  - Patrick, Karen, Andrea

c. Revisions/Additions to agenda - None

2. Project update
Dan sends his thanks to the task force for their efforts. He has sent 100 applications to the ALA Membership & Customer Service people.  When he hears back from them, he will email all the successful/unsuccessful applicants. After that, we can start talking about next steps, i.e. communications with the recipients assigned to us.

Do we know how many were disqualified? Andrea will ask Dan.

3. ALSC blog post ideas
We had planned to advertise the program in an ALSC blog post. Since we no longer need promotion, Mary Voors suggested it might be interesting to interview some of the people who have applied for the memberships and find out their stories with questions like:

  • What is their background?

  • What led them to wanting their MLS/MLIS degree?

  • what are their dreams about working as children's librarians?

  • would they have been able to join ALSC without this program?

  • what do they think a membership in ALSC will offer them?
    She also suggested it might be interesting to do a post on how to run a successful campaign. “you guys were REALLY successful! How did that happen? How can it be replicated?”  

We think the first suggestion is more compelling. We can make a blog interview part of our first contact with recipients. Each TF member could look at the applications for the 20 recipients assigned to them, and choose one with interesting answers to follow up with. In the post we could share data from the 238 applications (but ask permission before quoting survey responses/anecdotes).  Andrea will ask Mary Voors for a mid February date for the post.

4. New agenda item: Analyzing applications
We might find some interesting trends in the applications, particularly in the survey responses about ALSC participation and what “problem” they are looking to solve with membership. Let’s split the data points into categories, assign one area to each member to analyze.
Patrick noticed only one male in his group of applications. Unfortunate that we can’t report the female to male ratio; too hard to determine using only first name. Information derived from their responses will be useful for the strategic plan, which will be put out to the membership at Midwinter.

5. New agenda item: ALSC resource list
Nina Lindsay has asked committees to review a post-election resource list that will be made available to members. Have we developed resources that would be useful? Andrea mentioned our contact list of ALA committees that represent diverse populations in her quarterly report to the ALSC board. It may be more helpful to the ALSC office or committee chairs. We’ll see what the board says.

4. Next steps

- In order to seek out interesting data or trends in the applications, Andrea will assign categories for members to examine.
- Waiting for word from Dan about 100 memberships processed. Then recipients will be assigned to TF members. Andrea will draft an informal welcome email template members can use if they like.
- We will also invite some recipients to elaborate on their survey answers for our February blog post.

5. Q&A and other business


6. Scheduling 2017 meeting dates

Please send known conflicts Jan-May. Considering skipping January and meeting next on Fri Feb 17.