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PVLR Interest Group Needs the Librarian Perspective at ALA Midwinter

Do you have a passion about e-book sustainability for public libraries?
Would you be interested in sitting on a panel to provide the perspective for
public libraries?
Will you be at ALA Midwinter in Atlanta?

We Need You!

Title: Defining a Sustainable E-book Model: Questions and Answers about
Digital Monographs
Time: Monday, January 23, 8:30am-10:00am
Location: GWCC B215


Although national statistics which track e-books trends suggests that sales are decreasing, the development of new e-book business models appears to be on the rise.
Libraries are struggling to manage a variety of e-book platforms from a vast array of publishers. Purchase options include individual monograph selection, subscription models, usage driven purchases, and e-book collections which have gotten bigger and bigger. Other issues include multiple platforms and access. While publishers and vendors pursue ways to maximize revenue, there has been push back from libraries, which want to get content on an as needed basis. E-books are not as easy to manage, it can be hard for a library to acquire content, and e-book models keeps

The January 2017 PLVR panel discussion will provide a forum for the discussion about key trends for e-books in libraries. We will address questions about how publishers, vendors and libraries can
negotiate issues surrounding business models, electronic property rights, print and download limits. How can publishers assure availability and access in the future? What gives everybody the best return on investment? We will also discuss accessibility options: what are the requirements
for accessibility how should it be built into an e-book platform?


Rebecca Seger, Director, Institutional Sales, Americas, Oxford University Press
Michael Bills, EBIS Sales Manager, West, Baker and Taylor

Send an Email to Lee Sochay, sochayle@msu.edu, to be a part of this
important panel.