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Fall Virtual WAC Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Fall Virtual WAC meeting

Friday December 9, 2016 2:00 PM EST

Adobe Connect session


Ron Block (Chair); Simon Healey (Accessibility Forum Chair); Kelly Sattler (LITA Representative); Sherri Vanyek (Staff); Louise Gruenberg (Staff) ; Julianna Kloeppel (Staff)


The meeting recording is available here: http://ala.adobeconnect.com/p56633pibvm/  (Length: 0:30:17)



1.0 COO form to change scope of committee

2.0 ALA Connect Status

3.0 Report to Exec Board

4.0 Updates on projects

5.0 Midwinter meeting details


1.0 Discussion of Document to be on the Committee on Organization’s (COO) Agenda at Midwinter

Document: ALA Website Advisory Committee Title and Charge Change

Goal: Title and scope of committee approval by COO.

Proposed New Title: ALA Information Technology Advisory Committee


This request for action from COO refers to the Annual Conference conversation about changing the scope of the committee to broaden it. The new scope would bring attention and participation of members to technology services and products which need it. The hope is to increase communication with and feedback from divisions and other units.


Discussion: Kelly Sattler asked about terms of service. The LITA representative to WAC is a chair serving a one year term, but terms of service to the new committee are 2 years. Rob Block said that it is preferred and beneficial to the progress of the committee to have 2 year terms. 2 year terms for division representatives would be appreciated.


WAC will provide documentation for the appointing units for term length, expectations, and who might like to serve and be a good fit.


2.0 New ALA Connect

New ALA Connect Update- please review this post.

The new ALA Connect is scheduled to launch on February 21st.  We are planning to demo the new site at Midwinter.  We would like to get WAC involved in early testing prior to the launch after the Midwinter demo..  The current site will be locked down for two weeks in order to migrate content from the old ALA Connect to the new ALA Connect.  There will be training video available to members.  More details about the features and the schedules can be found in the ALA Connect post.


Discussion: Kelly Sattler asked if old content will be migrated. Sherri Vanyek confirmed that it will be. Test imports are looking good. Ron Block and Sherri Vanyek pointed out the Public vs. Private post changes explained in the report. Best practices for how to manage those new features will be put forward at a later date.


3.0 Executive Board Report

Ron and I updated the executive board on ITTS projects at the fall meeting in October.  The ALA executive board agreed that the title and charge name for the committee is a good idea.  Ron and I are meeting at Midwinter with COO to get it approved.


Since this fall executive board meeting, ALA Publishing decided to accelerate the move from our current fulfillment vendor to another vendor to provide better customer service for the online store.  This required some store re-programming of the current store integration for the new vendor.  The new vendor is scheduled to take over on next Monday.  This project became a priority for ITTS to assist Publishing with the integration work.


4.0 Updates on ALA & ITTS Projects - Sherri Vanyek

4.1 Dues and Donations Ecommerce site

500 members have renewed through the new system.  There have also been around 100 donations. We had a few minor glitches which required some fixes and data cleanup.  I’m happy to report I will be meeting with the ALA Director of Membership Development and the Manager of Member & Customer Service today at 3:30pm to see if we can change all the links on the ALA website to point to the new dues & donations system. It looks very promising. J


4.2 Elearning ecommerce

This project has been moving forward but the new online store project has taken priority due to the lack of vendor support for the current online store.  We are now looking at launching the two sites at approximately the same time.


4.3 Responsive Theme for ALA.ORG and Division Websites

We had to upgrade the infrastructure to the latest technology to be in a position to rollout the theming on the new sites.  We would like to rollout the new infrastructure to support the rollout of the new theme prior to Midwinter if possible. If not, it will happen after Midwinter


Discussion: Kelly Sattler asked about division responsibilities for the new design. Louise Gruenberg explained that divisions have some options for changes and that ITTS is making as many of the changes as possible. It will not be a flip the switch on a live site and then do cleanup. There are development, QA and production sites. Units will have the opportunity to review content and do clean up before content is locked down. ITTS is working with the developer to have the preferred type of dropdowns.


4.4 Search Engine

We have indexed the majority of the sites on the new Google Search appliance but we need to launch the responsive design first to avoid doing the integration twice.


4.5 Moodle

This fall we upgraded our Moodle courseware software to 3.0. Most of the courses have been migrated to the new single site.  The site is being used by ALA Publishing, the divisions and other units.


4.6 Office 365

In early September, we successfully moved our email from our hosted provider to Microsoft to prepare a move to Office 365.  Office 2016 was successfully installed for 350 staff.  This project was completed yesterday.


4.7 Staffing

Steven Pate, our new Estore System Project Manager, was hired and started this week. He will be in charge of managing the implementation of the new online store which will include online learning.  We are currently searching for a data analyst/business to work with the divisions on member engagement.  We currently have four ITTS staff members taking intermittent family leave for various reasons.  This means some of our timelines may have to be adjusted going forward.


4.8 Update Report

Sherri Vanyek is working on a written report and will make this available to you soon.


5.0 Midwinter Meeting Details

Sunday, January 22, 2017 3:00- 5:00 PM