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Pre-vote discussion: 12/5/16–12/11/16 Fall Board 2016 Proceedings

The Board is invited to review the draft 2016 Fall Board proceedings (changed from minutes to proceedings per Robert’s Rules of Order), and have discussion during the period of 12/5/16–12/11/16.

Please post comments regarding the draft proceedings using threaded discussion to provide feedback regarding the content. Board members can also email editorial corrections directly to Allison at apayne@ala.org. The draft proceedings are posted as a Word document to allow the use of track changes if significant changes are needed. 

Following the discussion period, the Board will vote on the Fall Board proceedings via virtual vote during 12/12/16–12/18/16 and confirm its vote at the 2017 Midwinter Meeting.

FB16 proceedings draft.docx47.67 KB
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It appeared that the word "with" was also deleted in the proposed goal area objective change and I am wondering if that was in error.  Shouldn't it read "engage learners with..."?


Otherwise I have no suggested revisions.  Great job again Allison!

Irene Herold

ACRL Board, Past President 2017-2018

Allison Payne-IL (staff)'s picture

Thanks, Irene! I've updated the attachment with the correction.

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Proceedings look great.  Thanks, Allison.