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LIU Librarians & Faculty Need Your Support


Sisters & Brother---we demanded Long Island University end its unprecedented faculty lockout at its Brooklyn campus. Thanks to your support and the tireless work of LIU’s educators, students and community, we ended the lockout! The outpouring of support from around the country helped force the administration to end its cruel experiment and get back to the bargaining table.

Now, we need you to raise your voice again. Tomorrow, bargaining over the LIU faculty contract will resume. President Kimberly Cline and the university’s board of trustees have an important decision to make. Will they work with us in good faith to reach just terms on a long-overdue new contract? Or will they continue to stand in the way by denying faculty the agreement we need to help students realize their dreams?

Click here to urge President Cline and the board of trustees to reach a speedy and fair contract with faculty.

Each day of the lockout, hundreds of allies rallied in front of the school gates to send a message that our futures could not be held to ransom by an administration hell-bent on cutting costs with no regard for education or LIU’s future. When thousands more joined us online, it helped make our collective voices too loud to ignore.

The LIU community cannot afford several more months of uncertainty. We can bring this thing home, and we hope you’ll stand with us again to win a fair contract. 

Thank you for all that you do.

In unity,
Jessica Rosenberg
Professor of Social Work, LIU Faculty Federation president