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Summary of Current Activities, 2015-2016

This year, the Research & Statistics Committee hosted the 22nd Annual Reference Research Forum on Sunday, June 26th at the Orange County Conference Center in Orlando, FL.  After a double-blind review process, the committee selected 3 research teams to present their results.  Laura Hibbler from Brandeis University described findings from a study that involved interviewing first-year students at three different points while they were working on a research paper. By interviewing students over the span of the time that they were working on their research essays, the librarian was able to ask students to reflect on the steps they had taken and students were able to provide a more complete picture of their research process.  Tara Tobin Cataldo from University of Florida looked at the the role that formats or “containers” play in students’ determination of credibility of digital information.  Amanda L. Folk from University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg presented research on whether Dweck’s theory of intelligence might shed light on student motivations for seeking help from a librarian.  The committee also reviewed and posted an annotated bibliography of articles relating to reference research for the 2015 Annual Reference Research Review.