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ACRL RPRC meeting 10/5 minutes

Hi all
Despite issues with both ALA and Adobe Connect, i think we had a productive meeting and generated a lot of possible topics for inclusion, so thanks a lot for your contributions. I’ve made notes of the topics and who I thought had agreed to take them on. We can negotiate that. Michelle and Nancy D. weren’t at the meeting (I think), but there are plenty of topics to choose from at the bottom. By the end we might cover them all in one way or another, but it would be good for people to work first on something they know about or would like to know more about. Some of these have been covered in the last Scan, but there are always changes and some topics might bear revisiting.
If you have any corrections to my assignments, please let me know. I might have missed some things. Nancy F-W., Nancy D., and Michelle, what topics would you be interested in starting to research? I know Minglu was interested in one, but didn’t get it noted down. Minglu? Of the other topics, are there ones that someone would like to take up as a second topic of research?
A note on method: put documents in Dropbox. I’ll create a folder for drafts you’ve written as well. Use Chicago style with footnotes. Put citations in Zotero. 
Timeline: I’d like to get the drafts of the first batch of drafts by Friday November 18, six weeks from this Friday. That will give us time to start editing, and to start on another round of drafts to be due the first week of January if we need more content. With any luck, we’ll have a draft of the final document by ALA Midwinter for those of us there to discuss in person. How does that sound?

Demo Zotero (not necessary)
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Discuss possible topics for the Environmental Scan

Possible topics for the Environmental Scan; committee members’ suggestions:
Changes in student demographics: Wayne
“A supply-demand mismatch.” most students go to nearby colleges, but high school enrollment in the NE and Midwest is declining, which will likely affect colleges in those regions; Increasing numbers of hispanic students; increasing population of low income students. Other potential changes. Etc.
Open data/science resources: Heather and Jenny
Data services: Kathleen
Digital preservation/ archives/ publications/ research data mingle will work on it: Heather
Future of the monograph/ peer review changes; more extensive review of assessment of collections; changes in approval plans: Chris
Things suggested by Nancy F-W, Chris, Heather et al. as possibilities. Anyone interested in taking on one or more of these topics:

  • higher education and funding
  • assessment/ impact/ need to establish value
  • More data driven/ evidence based practice;
  • framework for info lit changes, info lit standards going away
  • how tech is changing how faculty research
  • Staffing . . . communications and marketing of resources and services, establishment of separate divisions, campus/community relations staff, etc
  • more data driven/ evidence based practice
  • New Types of learning: competency-based learning; degrees with competencies and badges