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REVISED Annual 2016 Minutes

Committee on Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds
2016 ALA Annual Meeting, Orlando FL
Friday, June 24, 2016, 12:30-2:00 pm


Present: Susan Hess (chair), John Amundsen (ODLOS Advisory Representative). Liana Juliano, Tania Bardyn, Whitney Sakakibara,

Observers: Madeleine Charney

  1. 1.      Introductions/Assign recorder for minutes
  • Liana Juliano will record minutes
  • Members introduced themselves and John Amundsen explained his role in ODLOS and RNTLOAK in more depth.
  1. 2.      Review and Approval of 2016 Spring Conference Call (with quorum)
  • Tania Bardyn made a motion to approve. Minutes approved.
  1. 3.      ODLOS Update (John Amundsen)
  • John explained is role in ODLOS and RNTLOAK in more detail. He is our staff liaison with ALA/ ODLOS.
  • ODLOS is distributing armbands and ribbons in response to PULSE tragedy.
  • Merger of Office for Diversity (OD) and Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS) to form the Office on Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services (ODLOS).
    • They are working on making sure all the appointments are filled for each committee. September 1 is the goal to accomplish this with a possible Fall conference call to bring everyone up to speed.
  • ALA Programs:
    • Annual 2017 – We will need to get programs to John by October 2016.
    • The program for 2016 combines the two proposals that were received. Will me on Monday, June 27.
    • Programs at Midwinter – Midwinter is focused on business meetings and there usually aren’t programs. We will need to see if there will be enough people attending to have an in person meeting. The Fall meeting, when the committee is fully staffed, may be a better option.
    • ACTION ITEM: John will look at available time slots and get back to the group with options.
  1. 4.      Ongoing Business
  • TRAILS – Liana, Susan and Tania working on this project.
    • Goal is to have the revised edition complete by Annual 2017. Will need to update links and revise preface. Liana said that review/feedback on the revisions should come from members of AILA.
    • Will try and have a draft available for comment at Midwinter. If it is completed by Annual, it was suggested that we could have a program announcing the new version.
    • ACTION ITEM: John will create a Google doc for easy editing by the group.
    • ACTION ITEM: Liana to update AILA Exec Board and announce the project at the AILA Business Meeting.
  • Small but Powerful Guide to Building Support for Your Rural Library – Susan and Whitney working on this project.
    • Similar to TRAILS, there are only minor updates that need to be done to the toolkit.
  • For both projects, discussed having a web link that allows the user to download a copy of the document on the ODLOS website. There could also be an option to request ALA provide a print copy for a nominal fee. We should make sure that it is easy for users to access the two documents electronically and with TRAILS, it should be organized so that the entire document doesn’t need to be printed. Provide the option to print out chapters or sections.
  • Future Programming/ALA Annual Events
    • Several ideas were shared regarding programming specific to the two projects we are working on. We could have a “soft launch” webinar prior to annual to generate interest.
    • ACTION ITEM: Tania will take the lead on investigating webinar options for both toolkits in conjunction with the National Library of Medicine.
  1. 5.      Adjournment
  • Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm