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Education Committee Report Reporting Period: 1 - September 15

Education Committee Report Reporting Period: 1 - September 15 Submitted by: Mike Kastellec (mkastellec@gmail.com) on #Submitted The group met 2-3 times during this reporting period. Summary of discussions/work: Nominated Katherine Kimball Adelberg as Vice Chair Shifted to regularly scheduled bi-monthly virtual meetings Appointed secretary; returned to practice of posting meeting notes on Connect; began recording virtual meetings Appointed liasions to CAM (informal), PPC Committed to target of 8 webinars & 4 courses Refreshed membership and goals of (ad hoc) Documentation Working Group Created (ad hoc) Assessment Working Group to analyze past performance and conduct environmental scan In active conversation with PPC liaison and LITA leadership around Annual Preconference programming Finished processing few remaining proposals from Spring 2016 CFP Marketed scheduled programming What will your group be working on for the next three months? Assist with Preconference Move documentation out of drafts into permanent home Process backlog of ideas for programming Begin prep for Spring 2017 CFP (depending on available bandwidth of LITA staff and room in schedule at that point) Work on a few promising leads for new programs Is there anything LITA could have provided during this time that would have helped your group with its work? More robust marketing of scheduled programs Keep Trello cards for handed off programs up to date Clear policies for cancellation or rescheduling of programs Please provide suggestions for future opportunities: Please describe anything you need to bring to the LITA Board for discussion or action at their next meeting. I\'ll discuss this with Ken Additional comments/concerns: 1/1

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