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RSS Library Services to an Aging Population Meeting 6-25-2016

Hello Everyone,

What a great meeting we had at 2016 ALA Annual. Today, I am posting the meeting minutes.Hope you will have an opportunity to look at what the committee has been doing and some of our planned activities. Please feel free to give feedback or suggest other endeavors you believe our committee should consider.

Reminder, Committee meeting at 3 PM, today - Thursday, July 28th at 3 PM EST.

Best to all, Fatima Perkins, Chair


Committee Meeting Minutes for June 2016289.08 KB
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I wasn't able to go to ALA this year.  Sounds like you had an interesting meeting.  I'm on the desk this afternoon so won't be able to participate in the meeting.  Do you still need volunteers to help with the toolkit?  I'd like to help out.  Let me know what sections you need help with and I'll see what I do to help.

Also, can I get a copy of the documents that were distributed? The titles are: Current Initiatives to Reframe Aging and Challenge Stereotypes about Aging and Older Adults and Revera Report on Ageism: Independence and Choice as we Age.  Send to:

Jennie O'Leary, Librarian

16828 N. 99th Ave

Sun City, AZ 85351

Thank you.

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Hi Jennie,

Will send the document.