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Annual 2016 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the WAC Meeting at Annual 2016

Sunday, June 26 2016, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Orange County Convention Center
(OCCC) Room S321

Ron Block (Chair), Sherri Vanyek (Staff), Pam Akins (Staff), John DeSantis (rep to Executive Board), Jodie Gambill (LITA), Steven Hofmann (PLA), Elaina Klaic (incoming Intern), Jennifer Peters (Intern), Steven Pryor (Member at Large), Erin Ruston (RUSA), Kelly Sattler (LITA), Gina Seymour (YALSA),  Paula Wiley (ALSC)

1.0    Update from Executive Board Liaison John DeSantis

Orlando update:

In response to the tragic events, ALA organized some special activities: ribbons to honor the memory of the victims and a Memorial gathering attended by John Lewis.

Conference update:

We have 16,300 registered, smaller amount than San Francisco and Vegas.  It was anticipated that we would have a lower showing for various reasons.

Legislative update:

Dr. Carla Hayden , a former ALA President, is up for an appointment as the new librarian of the Library of Congress. The confirmation hearing is on the calendar but it has not actually scheduled as of yet. We would like this to happen before the July 15th recess.  We don’t expect any opposition or obstacles.

Organization update:

Membership is now at 58,000. It is due primarily to Division and Round Table growth.

Financial update:

ALA Budget is tracking on point since all of the conference expenses are not realized yet.  We are $400K ahead of budget at this point.  The new fiscal year starts September 1st.

Taskforce for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion update:

The taskforce made fifty-eight (58) recommendations, which will be reviewed by a new special taskforce.  There will be more details on the review of the recommendations and which ones will be implemented after annual.

Communication and future of accreditation update:

There are a number of changes and updates to accreditation.  We expect work to be done by November 2016. Among them is that the Library of Congress proposes a change from “illegal aliens” to “non-citizens”

2.0    Administrative

Sherri passed out some screenshots of the new Ecommerce system for Membership Dues and Donations.  The system is scheduled to launch in July 2016.  Final modifications have been applied and testing is underway. There are 128 funds you can donate to which can also be added to your cart.  The new system will accept PayPal as a method of payment.  Sherri announced that we are moving to Outlook Office 365.  She pointed out that Sympa is a major communication channel for us.  ALA sends out approximately six million messages each month.  ITTS had to research other email providers to handle this volume of traffic because our current provider is going away in October.  She mentioned that these projects are a great start of a number of things we have going on that are highlighted in her ITTS report to WAC later in the agenda.

2.1    Today’s Goals

To update WAC on actions of the Executive Board and the ITTS group. To provide opportunity for members to update committee on web-space-related unit news. Please review our committee's charge (below).

2.2    Amendments to Agenda

There were no amendments to the agenda.

2.3    Review/Approval of January 10, 2016 minutes

The minutes were approved.

2.4    Announcements

There were no announcements.

3.0    Reports from WAC Members and Units

Please briefly update WAC on what your unit is doing with its web-space. Please bring up any questions your unit has about its web-space or Connect-space.

Paula Wiley – ALSC
We spent a bit of time figuring out if we had new members available to work on ALSC’s website.  We basically did link checking on the entire site. We are going to break the website up and do a year by year comparison based on traffic to fix the most important links.

Gina Seymour– YALSA
We have done the link checks and we have a number of wikis.  YALSA announced an organizational plan and its websites will reflect the new plan.

Steven Pryor -Member at Large
Participated in the testing of the eCommerce site.  He agreed the new system test scenarios worked well and smoothly and made notes on little things that were posted.  Steven gathered feedback for the scheduler app that he will post to our Connect group. Others added related Scheduler comments and Sherri noted that feedback will be sent to our Cadmium vendor.

Jennifer Peters (Intern)
It is interesting to learn how committees are run. More insight and involvement in the process is needed.

Erin Ruston – RUSA
About a year ago we established a website review task force over concerns about the structure of the website. RUSA is waiting for the new responsive design.  They are hiring a content strategist and also formed a content task force. RUSA wants to develop a learning portal to have one place to find eLearning and webinars.

Jodie Gambill – LITA
LITA installed lots of applications. They did a new multi-site installation of LITA forum, another site for forms, moved their job site, and celebrated their 50 year anniversary.  They did cleanup a lot of their images to make sure they have alt tags, and are waiting on new responsive templates from ALA for the divisions.  Kelly Sattler is the incoming chair (in attendance) with Jodie.

4.0    ITTS Report to WAC

e-Commerce was referenced above, and the ITTS Report to WAC is posted in our Connect space at: http://connect.ala.org/node/254392.  Sherri’s report included an update to ALA Connect, which Pam presented and got feedback to these three questions that were asked of the group:
   - How do you use Connect?
   - What’s on your Wish list (for the new Connect)?
   - What are your Pain points (in the current Connect)?

5.0    Upcoming ALA Initiatives needing input from WAC

We need you to look at our new responsive design, new eLearning ecommerce system, the new ALA Connect and new membership dues and donations ecommerce interface.  We will post the details to our WAC Connect group when we are ready with links and credentials.  WAC was given a heads up that testing and review is coming up for these upgrades.  It was decided that we would talk about the need to standardize the webinar delivery systems (WebEx, Adobe Connect, and GoToMeeting) offered for eLearning at a later date.

5.1    ALA’s New Website Search Engine

We plan to launch the new interface this summer. We have the appliance and new user interfaces in place for many of our websites.  The scope contains our sixty-four microsites and many sites not hosted at ALA.

5.2    Website Responsive Design

We have a new responsive design.  ALA’s responsive design for the main site is scheduled to launch September 6th.   We are working with all of our divisions and other offices to assist as needed for the rollout.  We plan to roll the divisions and offices out between September  2016– December 2016 . We have the staging site up in with an upgraded environment.  We upgraded PHP and simplified the ala.org information architecture, which caused a delay in the implementation.  As soon as we have something for you to test, we will post the URL to our group in ALA Connect and get you involved.

5.3    E-Learning Ecommerce

We have developed the design for the new elearning portal site.  The new design has faceted searching capabilities.  We ran into a few tech issues with the iMIS integration.  There were 54 registration classes and we were able to get that down to 5, which helps to simplify the special pricing rules required for the new ecommerce elearning portal.  A project that we did not anticipate was a new eStore for purchasing publishing and division products .  We had a 3 day discovery meeting in the spring and developed a 35 page document of requirements.  We have been reviewing this with Publishing and other stakeholders to confirm what will be in phase 1 and 2 in order to get a new eStore up and running as soon as possible.  We plan to launch the new eStore in calendar year 2017. 

6.0    Discussion about Changes to the Scope of the Committee Charge

The original reasons why WAC was created have been dealt with for the most part and don’t apply anymore, but our involvement and oversight responsibilities are changing in other ways.  The purview of this group will now be expanded to include not only the website, but all of ALA Information Technology and Telecommunications. The chair (Ron Block)  is collaborating with Sherri Vanyek of ITTS to redefine the committee charge and WAC requirements by Midwinter.  Look for posts in ALA Connect on this topic to provide additional ideas and feedback. Points raised during the discussion included the need for clarification of the participation requirements, the specific responsibilities of committee members for liaising with their member groups, and the need for some type of orientation for new members. A desirable outcome would be an increase in participation, both in-person and at virtual sessions.

7.0    Update on ALA IT External Review from ALA Executive Board Meetings

The URL for the ALA IT External Review is: http://itts.ala.org/news/2016/06/13/ala-external-it-review-report/#sthash.CXNk4xDR.dpuf
We did update the ALA Executive Board on the Membership Dues and Donations, eLearning, and new eStore ecommerce projects.  We also discussed the topic of customization vs standardization.  There has been a discussion about the need to “play by the business rules”.  Sherri mentioned that if a division or office decides to buy a software product not currently be supported by ITTS, there are things that need to be considered such as accessibility requirements.  If you are going to an outside hosting environment or taking payments there are certain standards for security, integration with our iMIS Membership database, and other standards that must be followed.  We need to get ITTS involved sooner so that maintenance fees are included, etc.  We need to ensure software applications and technical requirements guidelines and business rules are followed.  In addition, forming an internal IT Advisory Task Force was recommended in the report. This task force will be formed in September 2016.  ALA is paying more attention to the resource allocations for ITTS in the next budget cycle for fiscal 2018.

Our Charge:

  • To develop, review and recommend to council association policies for the ALA website.
  • To recommend editorial or structural guidelines for the ALA website.
  • To provide advice to the ALA executive director responsible for implementing such policies and guidelines.
  • To provide an ongoing channel for member communication by working closely with other units, committees and offices of the association.
  • To make recommendations concerning technical issues or changes to the ALA website, including evaluating, testing and implementing web-based products and services used by association members or by the public.
  • To advise the association on priorities and strategies that promote utilization and continued development of the ALA website.
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Change Gina Ruston  to Gina Seymour

Gina Seymour, M.L.S., M.Ed.
Islip High School Library