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ACRL Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes - ALA Annual 2016


Association of College and Research Libraries

Diversity Committee

ALA Annual Conference Meeting

Sunday, June 26, 2016

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Hyatt Regency Orlando, Room Columbia 36

Orlando, FL




  1. Preliminaries
    1. Introductions
    2. Appoint minute taker

                     i.      Kenny Garcia will take minutes

  1. Minutes review/correction/approval

                     i.      Minutes approved

  1. Announcements
    1. ACRL National Conference Scholarships

                     i.      ACRL is conducting a fundraising drive to collect scholarship funding for ACRL 2017. If the committee raises $750, one scholarship will be given in the name of the committee.

  1. Diversity Alliance

                     i.      The Diversity Alliance for Academic Librarianship is requesting support from ACRL and the ACRL Diversity Committee. Scott Mandernack, on behalf of the ACRL Diversity Committee, shared feedback on the need for the alliance to be more inclusive and to include underrepresented communities not solely based on racial and ethnic identification. There is a $500 fee for joining the alliance. There were questions regarding how this fee may be used, which then a proposal was shared of having some of the financial contributions support a paid position within ACRL that would focus on diversity. Another idea being discussed within the Alliance is to develop a diversity institute. A program is being developed for ACRL 2017 to share what the founding institutions of the Alliance have worked on so far.

  1. Other?

                      i.      One of the incoming members of the committee, Derrick Jefferson, is working on a research project through IRDL that is looking at racial and ethnic diversity within library management.

  1. One recommendation was to partner with LLAMA and ALISE on discussing the outreach and retention pipeline for librarians of color.
  1. Working Group Updates:
    1. Standards Revision (Kenny, Latrice, Essraa, Tarida)

                       i.      The working group sees the standards as constantly evolving and hopes that there will be an established timeline to assess the currency of the standards.

                       ii.      One idea was to think about cultural humility instead of cultural competency.

  1. This would be a major task to take on because it would change the entire framework of the standards.
  2. The work group will make a recommendation to add cultural humility to the list of definitions, then reflect on possibly adding it as a standard.

                       iii.      Definition of worldview was added to replace globalization.

                       iv.      The proposed revisions to the standards need to be reviewed by the rest of the committee members in order to get more input and suggestions.

  1. Assessment Plan (Megan, Althea, Annie)

                       i.      The work group recommends using the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE rubric as a foundation to develop an adapted rubric for the diversity standards.

                       ii.      The Assessment Plan work group would like to work with the other working groups to develop a dimensions-based rubric.

  1. Best Practices (Megan, Althea, Federico, Ping)

                       i.      The Best Practices work group need to work together on gathering best practices. The question on how institutions have implemented the standards was asked to the committee members and other interested folks present.

  1. One experience of having a Library Diversity Committee was shared.
    1. It was hard to get the committee adopted on an institutional level. A diversity committee may expose weaknesses within institutions.

                        ii.      The Best Practices work group will brainstorm ideas on how to research best practices.

  1. Website (Kenny, Tarida)

                        i.      The diversity committee website needs to provide links to the standards, t he toolkit LibGuide, and to the previous committee page.

  1. One idea discussed was to link to other association standards that were cited to develop the ACRL standards (National Association of Social Workers)
  1. Toolkit (Scott)

                        i.      The standards toolkit LibGuide was migrated from the University of Arkansas to ACRL. The committee needs to look into getting one committee member editing privileges.

  1. Work Plan and 2016-17 priorities
    1. Continue working on revisions to the standards.

                        i.      Submit the revised standards to the ACRL Board of Directors.

  1. Plan on a virtual conference presentation for ACRL 2017. There was also a suggestion to propose a face-to-face roundtable discussion at ACRL 2017.
  2. Workgroups will need to work together in the revision process and develop a timeline to get the work done.
  3. Propose next steps after the revisions are completed and approved.

                         i.      Marketing of new standards.

                         ii.      Conference presentation proposals.

                         iii.      Working with the ACRL Board of Directors on the dissemination of the new standards.


Respectfully submitted by Kenny Garcia