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Greetings from LLAMA HRS Emerging Trends: Notes from the #ALACC16 Conversation

For those of you who went or never left (#leftbehind), here is an overview of our conversation at ALA Orlando:

Short link: http://ow.ly/1DBZ301XmiV

Moving from department head led groups to equal matrix/peer evaluation

  • Consider Personalities that need structure to succeed
  • Need to lead to gather team and create atmosphere
  • How to evaluate people outside of special interest groups (e.g. reference, instruction, special collections)
    • 2-3 people evaluate peer (committee work)
    • Have to get team buy in and include them in every step of the process
    • Create an individual planning document and supply that to team
    • What are your plans?
    • What was achieved in your position?
    • Link critique back to strategic plan
    • Idea of rotating leadership every 2-4 years 
    • Wait for leader to emerge from current staff and assess over time

Media Center & Developing Presentations

    • Moving media center away from librarian. Why?
    • Who will be staffing?
    • Librarians control and advise content, someone else can help with tech
    • Using faculty to meet digital initiatives and creating connections across departments

International Students and Connecting To Campus Life and Work Culture

    • What are their needs?
    • ESL skills: read newspapers, novels, etc.
    • Breaking up group mentality?
    • Be wary singling out individuals
    • How?
    • Buddy system or mentorship with veteran or upperclassmen
    • Using international librarians and departments to connect culture

Residencies and Diversity in Libraries

    • How to start a residency in libraries 
    • Check out residency interest group at ALA, Ohio, Delaware, Spectrum Scholars group
    • Use correct language to attract professional students
      • Is this a residency? An internship?
    • What departments should be involved?
    • How long should the residency be?
    • Ask residents what they want to do
    • Library staff buy in
      • Commitment to advancing librarianship
      • Flexibility across departments
      • Long term project work 

Changes in Staffing

    • Deans must make contact with staff (top down)
    • How to spread and incorporate job duties when vacancies occur
    • Review job duties and decide what can be changed
    • Update descriptions and offer metrics to support decreased duties
    • Do we still need office hours?
    • Do we still need workshops for this?
    • Look at applicant pool and assess who can act as a liaison and assign duties accordingly

Job Assessment and Self-Awareness

    • Job and task analysis of library staff
    • How to have staff on board
      • Keep groups small (no deans)
      • Let them know this assessment is to improve services
      • Let staff do it themselves
    • Must do it well and often
    • Use app to log time spent on specific tasks (Name?)
    • Using coordinators to keep instruction and tasks on similar paths of work and processes

If you would like to join the discussion group or perhaps co-chair, let me know! Here’s our group information: http://www.ala.org/llama/llamahrs-emerging-trends-discussion-group

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This group does not have anyone listed as chair.  Is there a chair or would someone like to volunteer to be the chair?

I am in section chair for LLAMA HRS and i was asked to get this information.